Abbey Pilgeram

Abbey Pilgeram is a lover of life who uses her enthusiasm and consistent wonder of the unusual, exotic, and overlooked, to help you explore and release what’s holding you back from living your most desired life.

After surviving an extremely abusive relationship…

Abbey was propelled forward into finding the truth of who she was, creating her own authentic self, and healing from the devastation she had gone through with her first love. Codependency, P.T.S.D., self-hatred, depression, anxiety, disassociation, and a deep sense of being lost, were the repercussions that Abbey was left with after this personal world shattering relationship. In her recovery Abbey embarked on her own journey of self-discovery, and uses these experiences to support her clients in moving through their own trauma.

Abbey Assists With The Following:

  • Relationships

  • Success

  • Happiness

  • Health & Body Image

  • Creating a Life You Love

  • Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts

Her curiosity about the complexities of our world and the intricacies of people, allows her to welcome every part of a person.

She brings compassion and clarity to the parts of ourselves that are hidden or kept from the world, in order to help welcome these parts back into our lives and become more whole.

She has spent years studying, exploring, and learning from gifted mentors. These teachers have supported her in creating a life that has deeper access to choice, expanding her capacity for self-awareness, and creating space and permission to let her natural and authentic self-shine. Abbey now owns a private healing practice where she brings her innate wisdom to facilitate profound transformation in her clients.

For Abbey, working with wounding, trauma, and unintegrated shadow is an honor.

She holds a bright beacon of light for all who are ready to accelerate. When you work with Abbey you will experience her potent intuition and a deep curiosity to know your inner world. Her curiosity will support you in not only gaining a more accurate and depthful self-awareness but in also effectively clearing what is the actual root of the problem. You will be seen and heard in a way that leaves you feeling understood, and deeply gotten and seen, all within a safe and intentional environment.

In your private session with Abbey, you will dive deep. She will help you to locate yourself internally, understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of your present experience, and reunite you with the depths of your being. Your access to fulfilling relationships, more intimate connections, and social ease will become more accessible. The way you relate to yourself, and to your own suffering, will start to unravel and shift your entire world for the better. In learning to locate yourself within your experiences, your capacity for self-awareness will deepen, clarity will come into focus, and there will be more space for your authentic self to live. Are you ready to dive into the depths of personal development?

“Let us slow down, together. Let us meet once again. Together we remember, wake up, and feel alive once more. By allowing ourselves to be deeply heard and seen in the most vulnerable of ways, we will naturally start to unravel the layers of our experiences and get in touch with deeper aspects of ourselves. In our session together we will locate your present experience and allow for the depths of change to transform you. Clarity, desire, innate wisdom, and your own gifts, will become accessible to you. You will leave your session feeling seen and heard in ways you never have before, knowing that anything is possible. I welcome you to the center stage of your life, the stage where all have gathered in perfect arrangement, for you. “

~ Abbey

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