Cat Gelinas

Cat Gelinas is an Energy Medicine Practitioner & Family Constellations Facilitator committed to bringing emotional freedom and healing for all!

She started her path to personal and spiritual development in 2002.

She has trained in energy work, family constellations, transformational technologies and men & women’s relationships.   Her commitment is for people to access their own spiritual gifts and to expand the power and freedom to create lives they love!  In her youth, she lived with social and performance anxieties, addictive tendencies, ADHD symptoms, and a mild depression which weighed heavily on her experience of life.  All of which have completely dissipated throughout her journey of healing.

Cat Assists With The Following:

  • Relationships

  • Success

  • Happiness

  • Health & Body Image

  • Creating a Life You Love

  • Unlocking Your Spiritual Gifts

Cat also specializes in a combined technique of Family Constellations – which heals inherited ancestral trauma – combined with Shamanic Energy Medicine.

She synthesizes all of her past training to create a unique experience of healing and discovery that brings her clients healing, release, and freedom. She loves working with people to show them their spiritual gifts and clear blocks to accessing them fully.  By knowing and accessing your own gifts – you can use them on a daily basis to grow and expand more quickly.  You can access your own connection to the Universe and guides!

She has spent the last few years facilitating workshops and private sessions with this unique technique that goes deep to clear out energetic interference that unconsciously play out in people’s everyday lives – and helping them to access their own unique spiritual skills. Cat Gelinas is a former workaholic software engineer of NYC.  Today she’s created the freedom of time and location to work remotely from anywhere in the world (with internet) at a balanced pace, doing work she loves!

She can’t stop geeking out about healing work and personal growth and never stops training to deepen her mastery.

She currently lives in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with her husband, daughter, and 2 adorable dogs ~ living by the beautiful mountains.  Her life is devoted to the Light and sharing this beautiful journey of healing and discovery with others!

“Our sessions reveal what’s at the source of your current experiences. I’ll walk with you on a path of self-discovery and journey to a place of healing and clarity.  There is a release of emotions and unwinding of blocks that come through being heard and seen in this sacred space.   Through a pointed conversation and energetic work – we’ll not only heal your field, but also unlock your spiritual gifts. I invite you on a path to discovering who you truly are.”

~ Cat

  • Relationships – Life is based on how good our relationships are – Family, friends, romance, coworkers, and our Self ~ This is where ancestral healing is very impactful and there are many unconscious dynamics.
  • Success – Removing fears, blocks and limiting beliefs to clear a pathway to success.    Success is related to our much we feel we deserve, are accepted and trust ourselves.  There are limits we put in place to feel secure and sometimes to self-sabotage.  It also relates (again) to our relationship to our family.  We might unconsciously put blocks to not go against or further than our parents did.
  • Happiness ~ Happiness is the reason we do anything in life.  This is impacted by our relationship to others as well as ourselves.  How connected we are to our desires, feel deserving and safe to ask for what we want.  
  • Health & Body Image ~ This is greatly influenced by our relationship to our Self and how connected we are to our emotions as well as our bodies.   Some of us spend our lives disconnected from our bodies and escaping how we feel.  This results in a disconnect with our bodies.
  • Creating a life you love ~ and don’t need a vacation from!  Discovering and allowing ourselves to follow our desires, trust ourselves, and take risks to really move forward towards what our Spirit wants.  
  • Unlocking your Spiritual Gifts – I love helping people discover and access their own spiritual gifts.  We all have them.  Together we’ll uncover what yours are and what’s in the way to fully accessing them in your daily life – accelerating your growth!

17 things you might not know about me…

  1. I’m an Aries with Cancer rising and Virgo Moon.   An Earth horse in Chinese astrology and ENFJ in the Myers-Brigg.  Enneagram 3, 7
  2. I love different cultures, living abroad and learning new languages.  Walking down the street and reading signs in a foreign language is so fun.  I currently live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
  3. I’m a sci-fi, superhero, and fantasy geek who loves movies, shows, and game nights.  Game of Thrones anyone? Avengers?  Anyone?  A girl has no shame.
  4. I love all kinds of dancing and am still working on learning some form of ballroom dancing with my husband who doesn’t like dancing, but tries for me.    : )
  5. I love dogs.  Dogs are angels on Earth.  I have an adorable Pomeranian named Momo.
  6. I have a loving, kind, and intuitive daughter named Mikayla who’s a Scorpio with Capricorn Rising and Moon.
  7. I am a lover of learning and am always reading or taking some class to learn something new.  This is why I changed my major in college 5 times.
  8. When I was younger I wanted to be a dancer or in the Peace Corp.
  9. I’m a sucker for romantic movies, shows, and books of all kinds.
  10. I’ve attended many silent Vipassana meditation retreats.  10 days of no talking, reading, or writing.

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