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Become a Channel for your    Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels

Channeling has been a popular means of spiritual pursuit, whether for personal inquiry, the curious, the seekers, and those wanting to connect with the “unseen” realms. While channeling can definitely connect you with entities and beings on the other side, it’s a good idea to have a sense of what you are actually channeling.

People usually begin channeling because they want to try it out. Others may take channeling lessons. Some also let the beings come to them, such as well known channeler, JZ Knight, who channeled the spirit being, Ramtha.

There are various ways that people channel. Some channel by taking their awareness and moving aside while others welcome an entity in. They may or may not know this Being. While the Being is inside of the channeler, the sole proprietor of the body, s/he will have some awareness of the Being and what the Being is doing and saying.

We can also channel for another person or a group of people. Once the Being has exited, the channeler may not fully remember everything that was spoken or what occurred. You may want to have your session recorded if it’s information you want to keep.

For other channelers, such as unconscious channelers like () are overtaken by the Being and have no awareness. They have no memory of the Being or anything that was said or done.

If you’re working with a novice channeler, there are important things to know. When a beginner explores channeling, it may be born out of curiosity. They are intrigued and curious to see if it’s possible to make contact with another being in the astral planes and open themselves up to whatever arrives. They could have read or researched volumes regarding channeling on the internet or library before beginning their channeling experience.

This class is for those interested in learning how to get the optimal benefit from channeling.

Topics Covered

  • What is Channeling?
  • Why Channel
  • Can Everyone Channel?
  • Preparing Yourself to be a Channel
  • What type of entities can be channeled?
  • Protections to Use When Channeling
  • True Channeling Versus False Channeling
  • Common types of entities to channel (Ascended Masters, Angels, Higher Self, Superconsciousness, Star Beings and races)
  • Discernment and how to identify malevolent entities / benevolent guides
  • Other channeling/divination tools (i.e. Ouija board, pendulum, dowsing rods, automatic writing, trance mediumship, etc.)
  • How to deepen your relationship with guides and maintain a clear channel 
  • Differences in types of channeling (i.e. mediumship, trance mediumship, conscious channeling, unconscious channeling, full-body possession, etc.)
  • Choosing a spirit to channel
  • The purpose for channeling (Should you channel? Why would you want to?)
  • How to safely channel

Experiential Guided Visualizations

  • Energetically exploring various realms of existence
  • Meeting numerous entities and Beings
  • Connecting with High-Level Beings
  • Going directly to Higher Levels
  • Meeting your Dragon
  • Practice allowing a Being to come into your energy field
  • Practice separating your energy completely after a session

Direct Experience

  • Practice allowing a Being to come into you
  • Separating completely after a session

What To Expect

  • Infuse your soul work with higher insights from Spirit
  • To expand your Spiritual services
  • Share spirit led messages with the collective
  • Feel more safety when channeling
  • Have more confidence in knowing the right Being(s) to channel
  • Gain a greater understanding of the dangers and pitfalls of channeling
  • Understand the “red flags” when you are channeling a lower frequency/malevolent entity
  • Feel more security and trust in yourself
  • Gain the ability to gather information outside of your knowledge for yourself and others
  • Access higher level teachings directly

Spiritual Channeling 101

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