Deanna Engel

Deanna is a natural healer. She is energetically sensitive with a kind heart and empathetic ear, bringing light to those around her.

After recognizing her spiritual powers as a young woman, Deanna dedicated her time to healing others through meditative guidance, energy transference, and conscious clearings.

Deanna has dedicated her life to unraveling the patterns of abuse and trauma from her personal experiences in sexual and emotional abuse, abandonment, body image and weight issues, low self-worth and the effects of growing up in a critical environment where she had adult responsibilities at a very young age.   She has learned that every experience is helpful and provides the opportunity to learn and grow; to practice the self-mastery that brings peace and freedom from within.

Deanna Assists With The Following:

  • Abundance Blocks

  • Body/Being Connection

  • Family Relationships

  • Self-Love and Compassion

  • Trauma and Abuse

With over 30 years of self-exploration and as a student of Psychic Horizons, Masterful Living studies based on A Course in Miracles, and Energy Clearing training with Bonnie Serratore, Deanna is  well versed in effective energy healing techniques.

Her personal experience with childhood trauma and abuse gives her a deeper connection with those who have battled dark energies, and her experience in RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) has enabled her to be comfortable with other’s pain and trauma while providing a supportive, loving presence. Deanna’s special strengths include restoring damaged relationships, uncovering repressed feelings, and healing childhood trauma.

These experiences allow Deanna to accelerate her clients on their spiritual path towards personal growth and freedom. No struggle is insurmountable.  Deanna will help you overcome the pain, anxiety, or fears that have stopped you from living your best life.

“You have carried your troubles long enough. I would be honored to help you uncover your truest self and accelerate your path towards lightness and personal freedom. Together we will heal the burdens in your heart, and transform your life by releasing the negative energies from within.”

~ Deanna

  • Abundance Blocks – clear and release past contracts, vows, and lifetimes where poverty, servitude, and subjugation created negative beliefs around money, deservedness, and the ability to love and appreciate where you are in the process.
  • Body/Being Connection – build a stronger more loving connection with your body and the life you are living on this physical plane.  Explore what you wanted to learn from this life and begin owning your experience more joyfully.
  • Family Relationships – unravel and heal your experience of your family life.  Bring those relationships and connections into present time to heal and release misunderstandings, past hurts, and limiting conclusions and beliefs.  Heal your part of the family dynamic and watch all of your family connections shift!
  • Self-Love and Compassion – explore and clear the patterns of blame, shame, resentment and guilt that create patterns of co-dependency and keep you from knowing the truth of who you truly are – a unique expression of Love.
  • Trauma and Abuse – these experiences leave imprints on the energy system that can have deep and lasting effects on your life and health; undermining your successes and stealing joy. They can be scary places that we will look at together and reclaim the pieces of yourself that are still experiencing those dark places.

I offer a free 20-minute consultation to those who are ready to discover who they really are and create a shift in their lives.

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