After recognizing her spiritual powers as a young woman, Deanna dedicated her time to healing others through meditative guidance, energy transference, and conscious clearings.

Deanna is a natural healer. She is energetically sensitive with a kind heart and empathetic ear, bringing light to those around her.

Deanna has dedicated her life to unraveling the patterns of abuse and trauma from her personal experiences in sexual and emotional abuse, abandonment, body image and weight issues, low self-worth and the effects of growing up in a critical environment where she had adult responsibilities at a very young age.   She has learned that every experience is helpful and provides the opportunity to learn and grow; to practice the self-mastery that brings peace and freedom from within.

With over 30 years of self-exploration and as a student of Psychic Horizons, Masterful Living studies based on A Course in Miracles, and Energy Clearing training with Bonnie Serratore, Deanna is  well versed in effective energy healing techniques.

Her personal experience with childhood trauma and abuse gives her a deeper connection with those who have battled dark energies, and her experience in RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) has enabled her to be comfortable with other’s pain and trauma while providing a supportive, loving presence. Deanna’s special strengths include restoring damaged relationships, uncovering repressed feelings, and healing childhood trauma.

These experiences allow Deanna to accelerate her clients on their spiritual path towards personal growth and freedom. No struggle is insurmountable.  Deanna will help you overcome the pain, anxiety, or fears that have stopped you from living your best life.

“You have carried your troubles long enough. I would be honored to help you uncover your truest self and accelerate your path towards lightness and personal freedom. Together we will heal the burdens in your heart, and transform your life by releasing the negative energies from within.”

~ Deanna

  • Abundance Blocks – clear and release past contracts, vows, and lifetimes where poverty, servitude, and subjugation created negative beliefs around money, deservedness, and the ability to love and appreciate where you are in the process.
  • Body/Being Connection – build a stronger more loving connection with your body and the life you are living on this physical plane.  Explore what you wanted to learn from this life and begin owning your experience more joyfully.
  • Family Relationships – unravel and heal your experience of your family life.  Bring those relationships and connections into present time to heal and release misunderstandings, past hurts, and limiting conclusions and beliefs.  Heal your part of the family dynamic and watch all of your family connections shift!
  • Self-Love and Compassion – explore and clear the patterns of blame, shame, resentment and guilt that create patterns of co-dependency and keep you from knowing the truth of who you truly are – a unique expression of Love.
  • Trauma and Abuse – these experiences leave imprints on the energy system that can have deep and lasting effects on your life and health; undermining your successes and stealing joy. They can be scary places that we will look at together and reclaim the pieces of yourself that are still experiencing those dark places.
  • I am Pisces with Aries rising and Taurus Moon.  My astrological chart is all Earth and Water with a little bit of Fire in my rising sign which can make me appear more outgoing than I actually am.  I like to go deep, and I have the capacity to do so.
  • I adore Mother Earth and while I was born in San Francisco, California, I moved to Kauai at a young age and hiked the Kalalau Trail and lived on Kalalau Beach when I was 6 years old!  I still remember the stars and the sound of the ocean on that remote beach.  I now live in the Pacific Northwest and love being close to rivers, big trees, mountains, and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  I have such gratitude for my mother who instilled a love of our beautiful earth at an early age.
  • I’m a Practical Mystic.  I have dedicated much of my life to my spiritual path and my awakening while working full time, and am currently a technology analyst for a healthcare system in the Pacific Northwest.
  • I have tremendous capacity to “get things done.”  While working full time, I also completed my Bachelor’s Degree and obtained a certification in Human Resources.
  • I use my ‘real world’ experiences to deepen my spiritual practice.  I make no distinction between the work I do on my Spiritual Path and how I show up in my day-to-day world.  It’s all for my healing and the healing of others.  I’m all about the personal mastery and facing things head on.
  • I am blessed with a 14-year old son, Dylan, who I love dearly.  His astrological sign is Scorpio with Aquarius rising and Capricorn moon.  He is smart, athletic, funny and loves his mom.  I’m not sure what these next few (teenage) years are going to bring, but I’m ready for the ride!
  • My favorite color is pink, and I love all kinds of music.  As a teenager I was really into heavy metal and went to several AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, and other rock concerts.  I also loved Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Motown, Hawaiian and 60s music.  My musical tastes remain eclectic – my favorite concert last year was Michael Franti with Spearhead – but I’m most excited about a Karaoke machine I received recently.  It’s super fun to sing and dance in my living room!

“I was so deeply healed by a session with Deanna Engel and the release so tremendous I have started moving forward in ways I have been yearning for so long.

I heard this today that explains why this is necessary and for what reason and it is exactly what I had moved into… “It is essential to go through the process of refinement of inner nature aspect and work through the blockages/obscurations/obstacles internally that block that pure clear experience of unity with nature and base of pure awareness of that source of nature around us and within ourselves. So the transformation and purification of blockages are absolutely essential to opening up and deepening the connection with nature and the connection to Source.

Once the shadows and blockages we all carry begin to clear and the clouds of emotional and mental disturbances begin to fade and disappear then the clarity of this open sky of awareness begins to manifest and it is in that field that we begin to dance with the other forms of nature in a totally new much more unified way. This new pure energy allows us to take a deeper dive into the truth. ” John P Milton. I couldn’t have said it better or believed it possible until experiencing it myself. What a gift of grace to be able to be FREE and move into unified fields of nature all around and within to dance with All That IS.”

Laura D.

“Deanna, Thank You again for such an amazing session!

I felt immediately Lighter after our session, and even during it. I don’t feel to be carrying the same inner heaviness and sadness I had before the session. I became increasingly aware of the energetic weight I’d been carrying as the session went on, as I felt it lifting and dissolving. I feel so much freer now.

I became aware of what you also saw and released — the presence of both perpetrators and victims in my energies, regarding sexual assault and related issues of loss, being out of control, and mind/body disconnection. The heaviness of those energies (and the past and current life experiences we worked through) started lifting noticeably during the session, and have stayed away.

I feel now I am coming into the real me, increasingly becoming free of those encumbrances. Very thankful! I don’t feel that they will return; my awareness of those energies is very clear now.

I’ve also felt amazing healing for my inner child, which integrated increasingly over the 3 or 4 days after the session, and which continues now with realizations and feelings of increased inner calm, balance, and reassurance. It feels like you tapped directly into the wounded areas of my subconscious and gently restored feelings of peace and safety there.

That is a miracle, believe me! Thank you again!”

Caroline R.
San Luis Obispo, CA

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