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The heart and soul of my work with those who seek me is about creating both the internal and external alignment to support your soul’s evolution. I hold the space to empower, support, and guide you on your journey of transformation.  I will hold you in a safe container, providing the structure and guidance to meet you in a place of discovery, anchoring you to the deeper meanings of your experience. Together we will move through the chaos of life and the spaces within you where you are resisting what’s unfolding around you, empowering you to embrace and integrate the shadows of the unawakened you.

My work brings clarity and illuminates the obstacles that are keeping  you stuck in your current situation by unraveling and clearing the uncomfortable and difficult energies that prevent you from living in a state of peace. I will clear the root cause of your emotional, spiritual, and psychological suffering by bringing those energies to your conscious awareness to enhance your healing, Shift your Being, and begin your transformation into higher levels of consciousness and living.

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Holding Space For Your Unfoldment and Transformation

Our work is centered around your Soul’s evolution, transformation, and ultimate liberation.  We strive for a shift in Being that creates a new paradigm of living. When we ignite our Soul’s calling, we begin an extraordinary journey of transformation– one that invites us to explore the depths and edges of our existence. It allows us to know who we are, and awakens the potentials of our higher consciousness and our larger purpose.

Our work together will act as a catalyst for your grand transformation

I hold a space of containers through a deep initiation of truth and alignment to your highest essential self, so you emerge from a space of freedom and expansiveness. Our work will dive deep into the recesses of your subconscious and unconscious minds, resurfacing with buried treasures and discoveries –  illuminating and clearing the judgements, interpretations, conclusions, limiting beliefs, and misperceptions of reality that hold you back from fully actualizing your soul’s potential.

When we make the unconscious conscious and clear out subconscious beliefs and woundings, we move towards wholeness, toward reintegration, and back to our natural expanded state of Being. We work from the inside out, tending to unresolved past and present emotional wounds that have kept you from showing up and fully expressing yourself from a place of love and openness. My intention is to help you embody and embrace all of you to bring about a shift in your consciousness and to help you experience more of the truth of who you are – a Divine being in motion.


Shift your Spirit Shift your Life™

Eva brings over 15 + of direct experience holding sacred space for your unfoldment and transformation. Eva is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice since 2011, she is a certified Ontological and Transformational Coach (NCC, ICF), an experienced spiritual counselor, guide, facilitator and a natural-born Spiritualist and Clairvoyant.

As transformational and multidisciplinary healer, Eva utilizes all of her unique skills and professional experience to empower her clients in their transformation and shift into a new way of being – one that is authentic, fulfilling and meaningful. Eva is a clear channel who brings insight, depth and wisdom to help you overcome the obstacles of uncertainty, fear and impossibilities into a space of clarity and expanded possibility.

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The Space Within

I’m here to help you embody and embrace all of you and spark a shift in your consciousness that helps you experience more of the truth of who you are – a divine being in the making.  The foundation of our work together is healing and clearing unwanted energies that keep you from blossoming into the fullness of your Self, to know Who You Are, realize your true purpose and place in this world, and recognize your relationship with All That Is.

  • Clearing energies that limit your potential and interfere with you embodying your highest knowing
  • Clearing entities, past life trauma, vows, soul essence, retrieval, ancestral lineage, subconscious beliefs, energetic imprints, and toxic patterns that you’ve woven over lifetimes
  • Working at the Being level by shifting your relationship with Self, Others, and Source to one that is authentic, empowering and fulfilling.
  • Helping navigate troubled, confused, and lost souls who are experiencing the dark night of the soul and the spiritual awakening process.
  • Examining the misalignment of how we carry ourselves energetically on the journey toward being a purposeful creator in life.
  • Shining light in the darker shadow aspects of our personalities and be in the company of your true Self.


  • Shadow Integration
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Awakening/Spiritual Unfoldment
  • Career & Life Purpose
  • Money & Finances
  • Chronic Anxiety/Depression
  • Unresolved Childhood Traumas
  • Uncovering your intuitive and spiritual gifts
  • Unresolved Trauma and Abuse
  • Family and Ancestral lineage
  • Working with Soulpreneurs

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