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"My intention is to help you embody and embrace all of you, to bring about a shift in your consciousness, and to help you experience more of the truth of who you are – a Divine being in motion."



Are you feeling weighed down by life's challenges? Struggling to find direction or guidance? You are not alone in this journey. I'm here to support you.

Every hardship and struggle is a calling to align with your Spirit. Each obstacle carries a divine purpose to guide you toward your true path. These are the Soul’s lessons, signposts leading you to your destiny.

But it’s not always easy to decipher these lessons or to know which choices to make. Sometimes, we might feel stuck, trapped in old negative, toxic, and self-destructive patterns, repeating the same behaviors with undesirable results.

Fear of the unknown can be a powerful deterrent, keeping us in our comfort zone, even if it’s not serving us.

I understand how challenging sharing or even articulating your problems can be. What you are experiencing is natural, a sign of your Spirit seeking alignment. Your struggles have a purpose – they’re a call to shine a light on what no longer serves you.

This is Where I Come In

Navigating Your Path with Confidence

I provide solutions that are channeled to empower you and align with your highest good, offering choices that bring balance and peace to your life. I am here to assist you in finding clarity and answers so you can make breakthroughs and live a life that truly resonates with your spirit.

As we embark on the SHIFT Your Spirit Process ©, I’ll support you in moving past the stuck energy, transforming your mindset, and releasing limiting beliefs and misconceptions. We’ll acknowledge where you are now and look forward with a focus on progress. Creating your desired life and healing from past traumas requires commitment, patience, curiosity, and compassion.

I will accompany you every step of the way, guiding you through the confusion and fear and helping you understand and embrace the lessons inherent in your struggles.

Benefits of Our Work Together:

  • Uncover Your True Potential: Dive deep into your subconscious and unconscious mind, revealing hidden treasures and insights.
  • Release Limiting Beliefs: Clear judgments, interpretations, and limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Heal from Within: Address and heal unresolved emotional wounds, enabling you to express yourself freely.
  • Embrace Your Authentic Self: Reconnect with your expanded state of Being, embodying and embracing all aspects of your identity.
  • Experience Spiritual Liberation: Shift your consciousness and step into the truth of who you are—a Divine being in motion.
  • Navigate Your Path with Confidence: Achieve greater clarity in your life by illuminating the obstacles that keep you stuck. Clear the root cause of emotional, spiritual, and psychological suffering. Experience a transformative shift towards higher levels of consciousness and living.
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Shift Your Being and Transform Your Life!

Hi, I’m Eva. Think of me as your guide on the road to soul transformation. I am a spiritual coach, licensed therapist, clairvoyant, and energy healer with over 15 years of experience. My mission is to help you discover the roots of your core wounds and unlock your soul’s full potential.

Like you, I have walked through the shadows of past traumas and know the depths of their lingering pain. I understand how it feels to be held back by pain that just won’t let go, keeping you stuck in a cycle of trauma.

With a compassionate heart and a wealth of wisdom, I am dedicated to helping you break free from those chains and step into the light of healing and wholeness.

Together, we will unearth the origins of your wounds, whether they are from childhood trauma, past lives, or stagnant and maladaptive energy. It’s time to release the barriers that block your true self and live in the fullness of your potential. Let’s journey together.


Healing The Space Within

I’m here to help you embrace all of yourself and spark a shift in your consciousness to help you experience more of the truth of who you are – a divine being in the making. Our work together is grounded in healing and clearing unwanted energies that prevent you from blossoming into your full Self, Knowing Who You Are, realizing your true purpose and place in this world, and recognizing your relationship with All That Is.

What We'll Address:

Clearing energies that limit your potential and interfere with your embodiment of your highest knowing.

Releasing entities, past life trauma, vows, soul essence retrieval, ancestral lineage, subconscious beliefs, energetic imprints, and toxic patterns woven over lifetimes.

Reclaiming fragmented parts of your soul that have been repressed, exiled, captured, or otherwise lost. We will work to heal soul fragmentation through soul retrieval, integrating and restoring the wholeness of your soul.

Working at the Higher levels by shifting your relationship with Self, Others, and Source to an authentic, empowering, and fulfilling one.

How We'll Work:

Working at the Higher levels by shifting your relationship with Self, Others, and Source to an authentic, empowering, and fulfilling one.

Guiding troubled, confused, and lost souls experiencing the dark night of the soul and the spiritual awakening process.

Shifting misalignments in how you show up energetically on your journey to becoming a purposeful creator in life.

Shining light on the darker, shadow aspects of your multilevel dimensional being and accompanying you in the company of your true Self.

Working with shamanic principles around soul loss and fragmentation, including soul retrieval practices to reclaim and reintegrate the vital essence of your soul.

Empower Your Soul’s Evolution Through Spiritual Guidance & Energy Healing

Who I Work With and Issues I Focus On

Are you ready to change your life, to go beyond merely existing and truly live? If you’re committed to investing in yourself and taking empowered steps toward healing, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m here to support those who yearn for change and desire to transform their essence of Being while actively participating in their own growth. When you invest in yourself and take action toward healing, you can experience a transformative shift in your Being. This shift can lead you to a new way of living that reflects your higher aspirations, a life where you live fully, authentically, and in alignment with your true self.

Spiritual Growth & Evolution

Shadow Integration – Embrace the hidden parts of yourself, integrating them into a more whole and balanced you.

Dark Night of the Soul – Naviagte and overcome the intense spiritual crisis that can accompany profound inner transformation.

Awakening/Spiritual Unfoldment -Chart a path through your spiritual awakening, embracing the new insights and changes that come with it.

Career & Life Purpose

Life Purpose & Career – Discover and align with your true calling, and find fulfillment and joy in what you do.

Money & Finances – Uncover and heal the subconscious beliefs and patterns that may be blocking your financial abundance.

Healing & Restoration

Chronic Anxiety/Depression Explore & address the deeper issues that may be contributing to your anxiety & depression. 

Unresolved Childhood Trauma – Heal your childhood wounds from your past that are holding you back.

Uncover Your Intuitive & Spiritual Gifts tap into your innate abilities, using them to enrich your life and the lives of others. 

Family & Ancestral Lineage Break and heal generational patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and karmic energy handed down through your family line. 

For Soulpreneurs and Spiritual Seekers

Working with Soulpreneurs – Get the support you need to navigate the unique challenges of a spiritually aligned business successfully.

Soul Fragmentation and Retrieval -Reclaim and reintegrate the vital essence of your soul, returning to a state of wholeness and harmony.

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Introducing the SHIFT Your Spirit Process

Embark on a transformative journey to uncover your true self, heal your wounds, and step into a life of greater clarity and purpose. Together, we will walk through this step-by-step process, addressing your unique challenges and tapping into your spiritual wisdom.

As a spiritual coach, trauma therapist, and energy healer, I’ve walked my own path of suffering,  transformation, healing, and self-discovery.

Drawing from my personal journey, professional work, and clairvoyant abilities, I’ve crafted a unique approach to helping you embody more of who you are. My signature method, the SHIFT Process©, is designed to unearth your core wounds, address the root cause, and guide you to a renewed, empowered YOU!

Over the past two decades, I have worked with clients like you, supporting them in reclaiming and finding a new way of Being.

Join me in the SHIFT Your Spirit Process ©, and let’s co-create a life that resonates deeply with your soul’s purpose and brings you the peace, balance, and fulfillment you’ve been seeking.

Step 1

In this step, we will dive deep to identify the underlying root of your problem, moving beyond the surface symptoms. By being open and honest, you’ll begin to see your situation more clearly. Our conversations, journaling, and life coaching will help you sift through troubled emotions and gain a clear perspective on what is really going on.

Step 2
H: Harvest Your Soul's Lesson + Purpose

At this stage, we delve into what your Spirit is trying to teach you and what purpose it seeks to fulfill. This is where the struggle between your ego and Soul/Spirit comes into play. While the ego seeks immediate gratification, your Soul seeks to fulfill your destiny. Divination techniques can help us bypass the critical and rationalizing mind, enabling dialogue on a soul level to discover your soul’s purpose and lessons. This understanding can bring you peace, knowing your challenges have a deeper meaning.

Step 3

In this step, we lay out your options and explore the possible outcomes for each one. Together, we will evaluate and consider the best choices for your situation, identifying soulful solutions that can help turn things around.

Step 4

It is time to move forward and take affirmative actions towards living a better life. With the knowledge gained, you will begin to put your chosen solutions into practice and work towards achieving your objectives. I will be with you throughout this journey, offering support and guidance to help you stay on course and create a life that aligns with your true self.

Step 5

After taking steps towards your goals, you will begin to see tangible results of your efforts. This realization process will help you refine your focus and intent, recover what may have been lost, and make necessary adjustments to continue on your path towards clarity and transformation.

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