What happens during one of Bonnie’s Clearings?

At the beginning of each clearing, Bonnie will spend 10-20 minutes introducing the topic of the clearing before she begins her work. Afterword, all you have to do is sit and relax for the remainder of the hour. Her presence will be called in to do energy work for you – you will not be touched or made uncomfortable in any way and you will not have to do anything. Bonnie’s presence will be clearing and removing energy and interferences as you sit there.

What if I don’t feel like the topic relates to me?

Some topics of the clearings will resonate with you more than others. However, we do encourage you to listen to all the topics. The chances are you have experienced some version of the topic within a past life! Many people experience dramatic shifts even when they did not feel the topic it related to them at first.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for a clearing?

Please be sure to drink water and take care of your body before you come! Some people experience dizziness after releasing so much energy at once.

Does listening to a recording of a clearing give me the same benefits as participating in a live clearing?

Yes! It will be the same as if you had shown up for the clearing in person.

How do I know if Bonnie’s programs are right for me?

We recommend the clearings to everybody who is interested in receiving them. There are no prerequisites or experiences needed to get the benefits of Bonnie’s work! You will feel lasting and permanent benefits in all areas of your life. If you are interested in participating in Bonnie’s classes, however, please keep in mind that we create those classes specifically for healers and professionals in mind. Such as chiropractors, nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists, acupuncturists, all energy workers, etc. If you are not in a healing profession, please contact Bonnie to be sure this is a good fit!

What is an energy interference?

An energy interference is any sort of energy that is inhibiting or blocking you in some way. This energy can stem from many things such as aliens, demons or dark force energy, trauma, shock, vows, oaths, spells, charms, people (dead or living), past lives, etc.

What is emotional wounding?

When we suppress our emotions, this energy remains in our body and acts as a barrier that separates us from the yellow-white light of love in the core of our being that is our essence. When we are “disconnected,” we are physically disconnected from our love. The energy of our un-felt emotions also becomes part of our unconscious, negatively running our life and influencing our perceptions until we release it. When the energy of our wounds and traumas still lives inside us, we act as though the past is still happening, causing us to lead a life lacking in joy and filled with self-constraint. This type of behavior is very common and what we call emotional wounding.

How will I notice the difference after working with Bonnie?

After receiving a clearing from Bonnie many people report feeling lighter, their problems feel further away, or unhealthy thoughts have simply vanished. Some people experience physical pain disappearing, feeling more energy and notice their lives start to take a different, more abundant and happy path.

Group Clearings

A group clearing is a type of energy clean up, lead by Bonnie Serratore. Her clearings are topic specific and involve clearing out foreign and unwanted energy from our body, life stream, and energy field. When participating in a clearing, all you must do is sit and feel your emotions related to the topic, then step back and let Bonnie Serratore do the rest of the work. You are never touched or made uncomfortable in any way.

House Clearings

A true house clearing will remove all emotional energy from others and release spirits, sending them home into the Light where they belong. Your home or space will feel it has more light, openness, & opportunity.