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“I was diagnosed with complex onset PTSD six months before taking Spiritual Acceleration’s PTSD workshop.  I had been seeing multiple therapists for over five years, and my life had improved. But each day I struggled.

Before taking Spiritual Acceleration’s Master Trackers PTSD Course, I was constantly triggered and hyper vigilant. Double checking my every move was second nature. My body was used to being in high stress environments so when I went somewhere calm or peaceful I would unconsciously start seeking out abusers, addicts, and others who suffered from PTSD. I couldn’t relax. I attracted illnesses, car accidents, and sexual assault.  If I ever met someone who appeared relatively healthy I would immediately start seeking their trauma and pain so I could find some way to relate to them. I was so out of my body I didn’t know how to exist in the present moment.  I hated people touching me – my love life and social life suffered.

I have little memories of my childhood. Bonnie Serratore and the Master Trackers new almost immediately that I had lived through some sort of sexual trauma as a child – it had taken my psychologists years to even suggest that as an option.

The Master Tracker PTSD course was only two days long, however, since taking it, my life has been transformed. The class cleared not only the energetical interferences but the emotional energy that I had kept bottled up for years. They created a safe environment where I could feel everything I needed to. The heartache, abandonment, and love that had kept me bottled down for so long.

Since the weekend, my life has improved drastically – no more panic attacks. I recently took a spa trip with a close friend and was finally able just sit back and enjoy myself. My intuitive abilities have sky-rocketed. After two hours with the Master Tracker class I found myself being able to see energy and clear it on my own.

If you, or anyone you know has suffered from PTSD I highly recommend the programs at Spiritual Acceleration. Bonnie Serratore is remarkably skilled. Her methods are alternative yet completely priceless. This program truly moved me. ”

Check out Bonnie Serratore’s Fall Master Tracker’s series to learn more about her upcoming workshops! By clearing your own trauma you truly make room for a heightened clarity and ability to work with your clients. Please email if you have any questions.