Joyha is fiercely committed to helping you to achieve your goals, whether in your relationships, career or personal development, so that you can be ‘in the flow’, feeling supported by the Universe.

Many years ago, Joyha realized she has an innate engineering ability with multi-dimensional energies.

The galactic energy field that she works with is non-dual in nature, and efficiently and effectively transmutes density and interferences in your body, chakras, and energy fields. This energy is uncommon here on planet Earth, and brings her clients to a balanced, peaceful neutrality.

Joyha’s journey through the trauma of child-molestation, low-self esteem, social anxiety, depression and thoughts of suicide have given her an understanding of the process of healing.

Her mission is to provide support and energetic shifts for people committed to their own deep healing, change and self-knowledge. This level of your personal development includes taking full responsibility for what you experience and attract, gaining empowerment over your life, and reclaiming a sense of peace and joy.

What sets Joyha apart from many healers is that she will engage you in your own healing process, guiding you to your own self-empowerment, autonomy and sovereignty.

Joyha is excited about her work, knowing that she can make a profound difference in your life,

gently revealing the truth of who you are – liberated from all limitations that keep you from living an expansive life. She holds you in a safe, non-judgmental cocoon of unconditional acceptance and love while she facilitates you making permanent shifts in your reality.

When you commit to deep personal growth and liberation from your interferences, she’ll work with you to shift whatever is blocking you. You will begin to live your life with grace and ease — far beyond what you imagined possible for yourself.


Joyha Assists With The Following:

  • Self-Worth & Love

  • Authentic Relationships

  • Vibrant Health

  • Peace and Joy

  • Self-Empowerment

  • Life of Balance

Things about me and my experience that might surprise and delight you:

  • I love snorkeling… especially with dolphins, whales, turtles and sealife of all kinds.
  • I have four planets in Aquarius (born a Space Cadet!)
  • I’ve been an Adjunct Professor in digital media arts, a computer tutor and an Apple consultant
  • I’m intrigued with developmental maps such as Enneagram, Stages of Development, Integral Theory, Spiral Dynamics, Human Design and Gene Keys
  • I had an uncle on each side of my family named Joy
  • I adore animals and am owned by a black cat named Happy Cat
  • My activities of choice are Chi Gong, biking, hiking and white water rafting (I was a rafting guide in Texas.)
  • Bucket list fantasies include facilitating the new paradigm in the world through education, sky diving, performing in Cirque du Soleil, moving to CO, scuba diving, building a tiny house, just being an extraordinary renaissance woman…
  • Some of the ways I fulfill my creative itch are with photography, functional designs of all kinds, and throwing and hand-built pottery.

“My heart’s desire is to assist you in gently revealing the truth of who you are – the essence of who each of us is, as love – and to help you find a fulfilling, expansive, joy-full life. When you commit to changing your reality, we’ll work together to shift whatever is limiting you or is a distress in your body.

It would be my pleasure to assist you in achieving the results you desire and the life you imagine. Let’s continue our conversation during a free 20 minute exploratory consultation. Together, let’s discover you!

~ Joyha

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