Joyha Baker

Growing up, Joyha was called ‘Pollyanna’ for her optimism. Yet, as she was innately an empath, she absorbed other people’s’ negative energies, causing her to become fearful and withdraw from life.

As Joyha was convinced these were her own feelings, she began searching for ways to transmute her discomfort and find freedom from her suffering.

She began studying universal teachings and the nature of energy (frequency). Joyha’s exploration of energy expanded her understandings and empowered her to recognize alternative ways of perceiving reality. Her instincts were validated when she discovered that according to Albert Einstein, the medicine of the future ‘will be the medicine of frequencies’.

However, over the years, as the cells of Joyhas’ body responded to the negative input from others, she became gravely ill. Due to stubborn independence, she wanted to heal herself rather than accept medical intervention. The aftermath of that delayed decision was years of what many observers labeled ‘chronic fatigue’, but was actually her organs rebuilding themselves from traumatizing anemia. The lack of energy and brain fog that resulted from this bodily assault reduced her ability to function, which dramatically limited her consulting business and teaching assignments. Despite this handicap, she continued learning about the nature of energy – the basic component of our cosmos – until she fully recovered. During those years, Joyha experienced continuous low-grade depression and intermittently, as well, thoughts of suicide due to a lack of energy to enjoy life and also due to feeling a lack of purpose.

Joyha Assists With The Following:

  • Abundance Blocks

  • Body/Being Connection

  • Family Relationships

  • Self-Love and Compassion

  • Trauma and Abuse

Along the way, Joyha took a class to learn to channel, but never managed to surrender thoroughly enough to accept the co-creation.

However, she did feel a huge, powerful energy field surrounding her whenever she practiced. Years later, when Joyha received attunements to the healing energy of the cosmic dolphins, she again experienced this field. When she brought this ‘dolphin energy healing’ to clients, she heard wonderful reviews about the benefits of this field.

Joyha realized that she has an innate ability as a multi-dimensional energy-engineer. She also learned that this energy field that transmutes density efficiently and effectively is from a non-duality planet outside our galaxy. It is similar to a scalar wave or zero point, re-engineering type energy but this energy is uncommon on planet Earth.

Joyha engages this galactic healing energy field when she works with you. She uses other tools as well to assist you to create discernible and lasting energetic shifts. Working together she’ll assist you to gently transform stress and discomfort to a natural state of peace and ease. Joyha holds you in a safe, non-judgemental cocoon of unconditional acceptance and love while your energy field shifts and stabilizes.

If you notice yourself having uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety, frustration, unworthiness, sadness, fear or if you’re just feeling stuck, ……. if you seem to repeat thoughts from your inner critic or behaviors and patterns that you’ve tried unsuccessfully to change…… or if you feel victimized by people, circumstances or life itself….. then change the dis-harmony you are experiencing into grace and flow, by connecting with Joyha to take back your life and restore your sense of well-being.

“My heart’s desire is to help you gently reveal the truth of who you are – the essence of who each of us is, as love – and to help you recover a fulfilling, expansive, joy-full life. When you commit to changing your reality, we’ll work together to assist you to shift whatever is a distress to you or your body. You’ll be able to engage in your life with grace and ease as a person living beyond what you ever imagined possible for yourself.”

~ Joyha

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