Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers is an Energy Medicine Facilitator, a Certified Yoga Instructor, and a highly sensitive Empath.

Lisa has had a lifelong interest in the natural healing arts and modalities.

She began her career in the health and fitness industry when she was 18 years old, working as a Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer. She was drawn to the practice of yoga due to the yogic philosophy of unity between the Body, Mind, and Soul. Lisa’s personal yoga practice became the springboard to becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Lisa’s desire to expand her knowledge and personal growth through the years led her to the amazing power of energy healing and clearing. She began exploring and learning several modalities, including: Theta Healing, Mantra Meditation, Seraphim Blueprint, and Reiki. She became a certified Reiki Master in 2013 as well as a Certified Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner.

Lisa Assists With The Following:

  • Eliminating feelings of Unworthiness and Not Enough

  • Creating Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

  • Healing from Emotional Abuse and Trauma

  • Accepting and Loving your Body

  • Self Esteem

  • Healing the Wounded Inner Child

This propelled her on what has become a life-long journey into the fascinating world of energy medicine and healing.

Along her path, she was blessed to meet Master Accelerator and Energy Healer, Bonnie Serratore. When Lisa met Bonnie she knew immediately she had found her mentor. Lisa began training with Bonnie in 2013. She has attended all the training and workshops that Bonnie has offered and credits her greatest spiritual gains to the incredible clearings and teachings she has experienced through working with Bonnie and Spiritual Acceleration.

Lisa finds her greatest joy and fulfillment comes from assisting others on their own journey to liberation. Using her ability to deeply connect with others, she is able to work with her clients to uncover the wounding and energetic interferences that are holding them back from living their best life.

I invite you to unlock your fullest potential!

“In our sessions I’ll work directly with you to unravel the root cause of the circumstances and events taking place in your life right now. You will be in a safe and sacred space as we journey together to release energetic interferences and trauma, both conscious and unconscious. As these limitations are removed from your energy field, you will feel lighter, happier and will gain more clarity and awareness.”

~ Lisa


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