Ofer Niv

Ofer’s path to spiritual growth has started when several years ago he has been diagnosed with a disease for which, doctors informed him, there was no cure.

This challenge has started Ofer on a self-discovery journey that has changed the way he viewed the relationship between body, mind, soul, and spirit.

It brought deep realization through personal experience, that we all are highly capable beings who create our experiences and well-being. Ofer has unearthed personal truths and beliefs that were hidden under the surface of the discomfort, waiting to be discovered and transformed.

Ofer Assists With The Following:

  • Transcending fear, anxiety & stress

  • Finding and increasing your vibrancy and joy

  • Discovering your hidden strengths

  • Re-connecting to your core abilities

  • …and so much more!

Ofer’s spiritual work has truly shifted and accelerated in the past 2 years. After training with Bonnie, it became clear to him that he would become a coach to others.

Ofer can see and feel into what underlies the core of your discomfort and then work with you to affect issues at their spiritual root so transformation can occur. Ofer coaches you and provides tools that help you be your own spiritual “master”.

Imagine this…

“We discuss what you want to improve in your life.  I have many years of experience at deeply sensing and seeing people through conversation and action. In parallel, as our conversation unfolds, I look at the subtle levels of your energy body to help you discover where the deeper issues live. The actual work we do together depends on what happens at the moment and follows from the intent that your true self can shine brighter. This is key to growth and transformation.  I help you discover who you truly are, help you transform what is no longer necessary, and help you strengthen the real you which is divine, healthy and joyful.”

~ Ofer

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