Foundations & Advanced Training Retreats 2019 – Mexico!

Master the ins and outs of energy medicine with Bonnie Serratore during this ten-day magical Foundations & Apprenticeship retreat in Yucatan, Mexico!!
Already completed a Foundations Online Training or Foundations Retreat?
Are you ready to now master those fundamentals in a potent and practical setting?

Foundations Retreat:

February 19 to March 2

In the Foundations portion of the retreat you will learn all the segments that are required to practice the Spiritual Acceleration Method of clearing unwanted foreign energy and all frequencies from all time, space, dimensions and realities from the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and etheric bodies. These teachings are paramount in order to understand and put into practice the Apprenticeship portion of this retreat.

The second half of the retreat we will engage full on in the applications learned. During this segment major life changes will occur for everyone. You will give and receive clearings daily with fellow students as you anchor in the methodology through hands on healing.

With in the moment teachings you will discover you blind spots, judgements, reactions, and all kinds of unconscious behaviors that you didn’t know you had that are actually causing your suffering and dysfunction.

As a way to integrate and recalibrate we will take time to venture out and visit Mayan ruins, go swimming in Cenota’s and enjoy the beach right out our back door.

After completion of this ten days, you have the option to join Bonnie in her seven day Advanced Training that begins on March 8th, 2019.

Foundations Retreat:
Arrive on February 19th, Depart March 2nd
Class February 20 to March 1st (10 full days training)
Price: $7997*

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Advanced Apprenticeship Training:

March 8 to 16

This intensive apprenticeship training program will provide advanced, hands-on experiential training and techniques for people who completed a Foundations training and are ready to truly take their skills and talents of energy medicine to a much greater level of expertise.

During this retreat, we will hone in on your tracking skills to explore deep, core issues, why they happen and how to unravel them at the core. There are many, many unknown factors that contribute to suffering. Without clearing all the frequencies contributing to and causing this suffering, you cannot be completely free from future anguish.

As you go through your own profound unraveling process, you will have the opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner knowing and healing capacity. Each day we will be honing in on more advanced techniques. Class time will be spent diving deep into the teachings and knowledge, where you will learn the finer details of Spiritual Acceleration and energy medicine. Time will be spent practicing with your peers so you gain intimate knowledge, taking your skills to the next level.

In between intense experiential training, we will go on adventures to visit Mayan ruins, swim in Cenota’s and enjoy integration time at the beach in our front yard!  

Advanced Training Retreat:
Arrive on March 8th, Depart March 16th
Class  March 9 to 15 (7 full days training)
Price: $5597*

There is a discount of $2,000 if you attend both retreats back to back.

Do you need a different payment option?

All Inclusive (except airfare): Join Bonnie in February and March 2019 in mystical Yucatan, Mexico for these magical life-changing retreats.


Arrive and depart from Merida airport, Mexico (MID). We will provide transportation to and from Merida Airport. The beach house is approximately a one hour drive from Merida.


  • You will discover that most every thought, feeling or reaction you experience is not you.
  • You will accelerate your healing skills and abilities.
  • You will learn from a Master the deepest healing modality in the world.
  • You will gain knowledge and wisdom as you awaken to higher levels of consciousness.
  • You will be more awake when you leave the retreat than when you arrived.
  • You will be changed profoundly and permanently from within.
  • You will master your own healing abilities.
  • You will be more connected to your Self and others.
  • Your heart will be more open.

We will be exploring various places in the Yucatan such as Chichen-Itza, Uxmal and Cenota’s and more, utilizing the powers of these places to go even deeper and awaken into the Divine Self.

During these adventures, we are always in the moment where each student has the opportunity to learn through hands-on healing with guidance and training from Bonnie.


Bonnie began teaching her work and her higher consciousness (Mystery School) teachings in 1994. Her devotion to waking up is evident in her work, her life and her teachings. There is no other modality that can clear as deeply and profoundly as what she has developed and created over her thirty years of hands on healing and teaching.


After you complete the Foundations Training, you become eligible to join the Apprenticeship Program where you can start paving your way to becoming a Team Spiritual Accelerator.

Foundation Training Retreat with Bonnie Serratore:  February 19 to March 2, 2019 (10 full days) in Mexico!

Advanced Training (including Core Emotional Healing) Retreat with Bonnie Serratore:
March 8 – 16, 2019 (7 full days) in Mexico!

Making Travel Plans

Arrival date is 1 day prior to the start of the retreat and departure one day after, this allows for 10 full days of Foundation Training and seven full days of Advanced Apprenticeship Training. Please plan on flying in to the Merida Airport, Mexico (MID) on the day prior to the start day. We will provide set transportation to our beautiful accommodation.


We will have a fabulous cook with us preparing lunches and dinners. All food will be as gluten-free and organic as possible. If you have additional dietary needs, we will do our best to address them.

Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping arrangements are mostly shared. There are king size beds that are made up to create separation from one another.