Rosa is a Spiritual Intuitive, whose dedicated life mission is to lovingly guide and teach others how to connect to their soul’s journey. She has learned how to navigate through life’s challenges using alternative holistic approaches to live life from a place of self-empowerment and soul-based living.

Rosa has conquered big life transitions including divorce, and the death of both parents within 6 months of each other.

From these transitions, she has overcome severe depression, hopelessness,  loneliness, and disempowerment. This fuels her in bringing support to others who are in similar challenges. Along with these challenges, Rosa has felt a deep connection to the mystical realms since she was a child, and has spent much of her life studying and learning how to maneuver within the energetic world. Rosa realized her higher purpose by becoming a consciousness facilitator after years of studying Shamanic work, access consciousness, behavioral reprogramming, body emotion code, medical intuitive and theta healing.

Rosa applies all of these tools to assist you in your transformational freedom from emotional pain and suffering to a life of peace, freedom, and love.  With this vast education and experience, she can help you connect your mind, body, and spirit as one by releasing stored energy blocks and gaining new perspectives. This awakening will ripple through your entire soul by calming, balancing, and empowering your energy field.

Rosa Assists With The Following:

  • Step into Freedom!

  • Deepen your empowerment

  • Clear past trauma and phobias

  • Reprogram habitual behaviors

  • Balance neurological, biochemicals, and structural imbalances

  • Resolve fears and limiting beliefs

  • Repattern beliefs

  • Develop your spiritual and intuitive self

During your session with Rosa, you gain insight into your own reality as she gives you a map to your internal programming and beliefs.

Together, you will create the tools needed to delete your old behavioral patterns and belief systems.  When you experience this spiritual transformation, you will embrace a new reality of self-awareness, self-empowerment, and freedom.

Rosa’s sessions and approach are specific and unique to each person. For example, if necessary, Rosa may perform an energy clearing on you, or you and Rosa may create a daily/weekly routine that can further assist you in anchoring contributory thoughts, habits, and behaviors.  Furthermore, as a medical intuitive, Rosa can identify physical or chemical imbalances that might have been created during times of stress. Rosa will assist you in reconditioning the body to support a new, positive mental state and outlook.

In some cases, Rosa may create a space for you to be actively supported by Divine Light and the higher realms of Angelic and Galacticals.  By creating a Theta mind state, she will help you look through your energetic timeline to search for what is causing your current distress. Rosa will  follow the energy of your emotions through past lives, karmic agreements, and other related issues. You can also play in the Akashic Records, finding out more about your past lives and how it relates to others in your present life. This work will not only clear your current issues, but it will also clear your issues throughout all life streams into the present moment.

If you are ready for your transformation, to take an active approach in your personal empowerment, to integrate tools and new behaviors, to walk across the bridge from your suffering to your perfect world.. schedule your session with Rosa today.

“Through our connection, I invite you to journey through the challenges and excitements of a life filled with inner passion and intuition.  I believe that freedom is the key to success. It is my goal to assist you in becoming free from the past, worries about your future, others’ energies, and any of your mind’s limitations.  Together, we create your liberation and soul acceleration and guide you into your full potential. Among other tools, I will ultimately help you in reconnecting with your heart’s desires and in realizing the best version of yourself and your life.”

~ Rosa

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