Rosario Bate

Certified Accelerator

My Background
Before discovering this method of healing, I worked in hospitals for 30 years. I was a Registered Nurse in Chile and worked in a Pediatric Emergency Unit. When I came to Canada, I trained as an Ophthalmic Photographer.

However, I was always attracted to natural forms of healing. For many years, I was studying holistic medicine in my free time. I became a Natural Health Counselor and obtained a variety of natural healing and energy work certifications.

Between my hospital experience and my holistic studies, I acquired a wide view of healing. Eventually, I retired from the hospital to work on my own.

When I was introduced to Shamanism by a friend, I knew I was home. I found it fascinating how a ceremony can heal in a gentle and non-intrusive way.

Later, I went to Peru, got my Medicine Rights and continued exploring different Shamanic Traditions. When I discovered Bonnie’s work, I couldn’t wait to dive in. I admired her compassionate, supportive way of tracking the root of an issue and unraveling it.

During a session with Rosario, she will track and identify the origins of discomfort in the areas of your life that ail you. There are many aspects to explore and unravel to bring you back to balance. Some of them are:

Our emotions tell us when something needs our attention. Suppressed emotions can lead to physical body imbalances or “dis-ease.”
In your clearing session, you are guided to feel the emotion, become it, and surrender to it. Rosario can find the origin, clear it, and unravel the situation. This is how healing occurs and big changes are made.

Unfavorable circumstances lead us to create beliefs that do not serve us. We create self-imposed limitations and store them in the subconscious. Tracking and clearing them changes everything.

Our soul yearns for unique experiences to better understand itself through our multiple incarnations. To do this, it creates challenges and difficult situations that we can’t seem to make sense of. This is why we look at the contracts our souls made and void them.

Unresolved wounding or trauma from past lives are imprinted in our soul and carried through each incarnation. We find ourselves repeating the same challenge over and over and feeling victimized by it. Through the current challenge, we can track the lives where similar situations occurred and unravel them. Then, our current issue is changed, allowing us to move forward.

We all have unhealed wounds, aware or unaware. These wounds send signals and attract a matching frequency. A discarnate with the same wounding frequency settles in our energy field. Often we have discomfort in our bodies or behaviors we do not recognize as ours, as if someone else is in control of our lives. In our session we track and remove these, bringing you back in harmony with your true self.

Our world can be disturbed by different kinds of interferences that throw us out of balance. There are interferences such as dark forces, implants, spells, curses, frequencies, entities of any origin, kingdom, or race, from any time, space, or dimension. Together we identify whatever is interfering and remove them.

When we have heavy trauma, parts of our soul leave and we feel incomplete, not knowing why. Using the root of your suffering, we can retrieve your lost soul pieces, and reintegrate what once was lost.

The work is done in a safe, supportive space. You are protected and guided the entire time.

I Can Assist With:

  • Tracking and unraveling the origin of uncomfortable emotions 
  • Finding the root of dis-harmonies in the physical body 
  • Clearing and renewing soul contracts
  • Soul retrieval 
  • Identifying and unraveling past lives and karma
  • Searching and removing blockages and interferences 
  • Witnessing your process of unveiling your innate light

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