Are you ready to step into a teacher role at Spiritual Acceleration?

Train with Bonnie Serratore, during a week long retreat and awaken the teacher and leader within…

Bonnie will guide you through the teaching process, show you how to track your students and yourself while transmitting downloads and information to them.

This training is for those on the SA Team who are seeking to accelerate their teaching ability and hoping to teach SA material. During this training, you will tap into your inner teacher and begin to unleash and express this aspect of your being. Their is an emphasis of teacher as being of service, and working through old paradigm issues around power, hierarchy and stepping into the spotlight with dignity and humility. This is an intensive training that will test your full being. As a teacher, you must be able to provide an anchor for your students to hold onto and bump into. This is an advanced training with Bonnie Serratore.

The Benefits:

  • Experience a powerful release of energy that is blocking your ability to step into leadership
  • Awakening your teacher feels like being shot out of a cannon. Equip yourself with powerful new skills.
  • Study one-on-one with the Bonnie Serratore
  • Release stuck trauma around leadership and power
  • Bring these skills into every aspect of your life.
Meet Your Guide

Your Teacher

Bonnie Serratore

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