William and Bonnie will be teaming up this July

to present a monthly paid live show and want you to be there! Every month will bring a new topic and live Q&A where listeners can receive higher-level teachings, activations, transmissions from higher levels, mini energetic clearings, and tools to help you navigate the modern evolving world and its challenges.

In each hour-long show, Bonnie and William will help you

step into the truth of who you really are as a Divine Being. Together they will bring their unique wisdom, perspective, and teachings to the topic at hand while helping callers with their real-life problems as we all work together on liberating our planet from duality and conflict. William brings perspectives from the higher levels, and his expansive presence, vibrations of unconditional love, and direct transmissions can help shift you into amazing new levels. As a Master Tracker, Bonnie has been “in the trenches” working towards humanity’s liberation for over 30 years. She brings extensive knowledge and teachings from the higher levels, plus experience in navigating the healing of humanity, delivering messages with sincerity, compassion, and humor.

  • Open your mind, body, and world beyond your soul level and welcoming the rest of yourself.
  • Truly letting go of limitations both internally and externally.
  • Tangible tools for you to truly be able to wake up and realize who you truly are.
  • Expand and walking on this earth plane with your hearts wide open and sharing the true gifts you uniquely have to offer.
  • This will be life metamorphizing as well as life-affirming.
  • William and Bonnie bringing together each of their unique gifts individually and collectively to assist you permanently.
  • Address who and what you really are and so much more.
  • Get ready for permanent and accelerated change.

William Linville

William Linville is a divine presence of clear creator consciousness that has transcended all of the lower levels of the physical form, as well as all of the survival levels of the physical makeup that came within an embodiment which he stepped into on a surgery table in 1996.

He is here on the planet to assist you to clear out all of your egoic conflicts and structures that have held you back from fully, completely marrying with your higher levels and lower levels; removing all of the structures that have kept you in conflict – the fears and barriers that have limited you and created so many separations within your consciousness, the levels that have kept you separate, segregated and polarized from the whole Universe as a whole.

Bonnie Serratore

Bonnie Serratore is a Spiritual Accelerator, meaning she helps people accelerate (or speed up) their personal healing, growth, and spiritual development. Bonnie accelerates the liberation of our authentic, true, and divine self. Bonnie does so by removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space. These interfere with the expression of our divine self.

Everything Bonnie Serratore knows she has learned through direct experience in her own life as well as from working with her clients and students. Bonnie uses her own inner knowing and the energy of the white light of creation. Although she was born with these abilities, she has developed her intimate connection with her Self and the light through her profound personal experiences.

Upcoming Events

Check out the schedule and book your spot now. Spaces are limited.

Living Your Truth - What does that even mean?! July 27th at | 5pm MDT/7pm EST

Living Your Truth: What does that even mean?!

We often hear the phrase “Live Your Truth,” but what does that really mean? How does your life look different? How will you show up when you are living your truth? In our first “Truth Talk,” Bonnie and William will have a candid discussion about how to recognize what your truth even is, how people often align with others’ truths as opposed to their own, and how you can really “walk your talk” and live your truth.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions live and get guidance, clearings, and higher-level teachings from William and Bonnie.

Listen to the replay.

Cultivating Discernment - How do I know what I know?! August 17th 2020| 5pm MDT/7pm EST

As we move into the New Paradigm, it’s even more important that we trust or own inner knowing– our discernment — to decide what is in our own best interests. Most people have trouble trusting their own inner guidance system, so they look to people outside of themselves for confirmation. But if we don’t trust our discernment, how do we “know” what we think we “know”? And how do we trust it when we “know” it?

It’s enough to make your head spin! In the next “Truth Talk,” William and Bonnie will discuss discernment, trust, and how you can really “know” what you think you “know”!

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Expanding Your Consciousness - Why and how to do it?! September 28th 2020| 5pm MDT/7pm EST

When we talk about expanding our consciousness or awareness, it means gaining a broader perspective of your life, your place in the world, and your connection to everything in Creation. When we practice expanding our consciousness, we allow ourselves to transcend the illusion that we are separate from the world around us and from the Source that we truly are on the deepest levels. 

In our next Truth Talk, William and Bonnie will talk about the reasons for expanding our consciousness, methods and techniques for doing it, and they will help listeners with any blocks or questions they may have about how to usher in higher levels of consciousness and maintain these expanded perspectives in their daily lives.

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Duality - What’s it all about and how to overcome it October 19th 2020| 5pm MDT/7pm EST

If you’ve been awake during the year 2020, you have been embroiled in duality. Everywhere you look, the winds of change are battering us physically, mentally, and spiritually until a formidable gale-force inevitably sweeps us into a cyclone of stress.  Amidst the chaos and fear, we scramble to pick sides and put our “new normal” back together. But most of all, we’re struggling to recognize who we really are.We live in a world of duality filled with numerous opposing characteristics that are seemingly diametrically opposed to one another. But there is a key to opening a future of hope and understanding.

Nonduality. The definition of nonduality? “Not 2”. Oneness.

There will always be dualistic principles that reside in our lives. However, we are able to discover a way to maintain a sense of equanimity through mindfulness and meditation that can be used to develop and preserve our inner clarity.

Even though there are yin and yang qualities that differ from each other, they are intrinsically bound together as parts of a mutual whole. Einstein observed that the true nature of light could only be understood by comprehending its ability to behave as both a particle and a wave, just as it is with human nature.

In our next Truth Talk, William and Bonnie will talk about the key to navigating maintaining your equilibrium in a world filled with dualities and activity abounding from every direction.  We’ll discuss the concept of duality along with a tool you can use to develop your mental calmness and stability under stress, strain, or difficult situations

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Transcending the Ego - You are more than you think you are November 16th 2020 | 5pm MDT/7pm EST

We’ve all heard the chorus of judgmental barbs that people say behind the backs of others. Whether these thoughts and comments are born from envy, anger, or resentment, they’re born from the ego.  But what is the actual ego?   Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.”

It’s not that the ego is “bad.” It falls more along the lines of being, “Ill-advised”. Sadly, most of us think we are our egos, rather than cultivating a deeper, more significant, side of our beings.

The ego is the part of us that becomes jealous, possessive, anxious, judgmental, fearful. In reality, the ego wants to protect us, but it manages to do so in unhealthy, painful, and inauthentic ways.

In our next Truth Talk, William and Bonnie will talk about letting go of ego, and everything that is not in alignment with your authentic self- who you really are- your true essence. They will examine why we need to love and to be loved and why we’ve allowed our egos to define what that means, instead of our souls. The only approval you need to hear is the truth of your heart and Spirit’s. When you are in alignment with your higher self, truly authentic, the world will love you.

Suffering - Does it serve a purpose? Is it necessary? December 21st 2020 | 5pm MDT/7pm EST

When we hear the word “suffering,” our mind instantly conjures up life’s worst-case scenarios.  Throw the word, “pain” into the mix and suddenly your blood pressure goes through the roof.  Pain AND suffering. The double blow. Suffering has become a loaded word. Most people think suffering is only happening to other people. If you’re at a friend’s funeral and someone says to you, “I’m so sorry you’re suffering,” you may look around in shock. “Oh, I’m not “suffering.” I have plenty of food. I have a good job. I’m in great health. People in war-torn countries and living in famine are suffering. Not me.”

But what most people don’t fully comprehend is that suffering is everywhere. Dukkha originates from the mental and emotional confusion of not seeing and accepting life as it actually is. We’re always chasing something-a new car, a better job, the perfect partner- but what we actually have never seemed to be enough. We want to ignore the temporality of permanence – the heavy dread that lies beneath our awareness and causes even more pain

It’s time to awaken to the fact that pain and suffering are two intimately related yet different experiences.

As long as you’re alive, you will experience pain. If you push away your anguish, be it physical or emotional, you will find yourself suffering even more. When you open yourself to the suffering and inquiry of life instead of denying it, love, joy, and opportunity bloom. You have a choice. You don’t need to remain conflicted.  Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.


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