Zhayra Escobar

Are you ready to tap into your creativity and gifts? Are you ready to step into your personal power and allow for flow and ease to enter your life?

My greatest joy and passion in life is assisting my clients in embracing their power, shedding old limitations, and stepping into conscious creation and awareness. I hold a compassionate, soft, and loving space for you to gracefully release self-imposed patterns and buried tramas so that you can embody more of your true Self.

As we move into the New Paradigm, we are being called to reclaim our long-forgotten gifts, light, and power. In modern society, we have become imbalanced toward the masculine, active, “get it done” energy. We are now being called to step into our Divine Feminine aspect, connecting us to the energies of receptivity and flow while releasing our need to constantly control every aspect of our lives.

I love to see my clients regain their self-esteem and empowerment while still remaining authentically who they are. When we work together, I will help connect you to your inner feminine Source, allowing you to feel trust in the Universe, connecting you with your intuition and creativity, and allowing you to receive all that you deserve as a Divine Being!

There is a beautiful power within you, waiting to emerge

"To awaken our Feminine Power, we need to shift from being victims of our circumstances to seeing ourselves as the creators of our experience."

Zhayra is passionate about helping women heal their feminine spirit and discover their authentic self.

Zhayra loves encouraging women to re-ignite their joy and creativity, allowing them to live a more passionate and empowered life.
Her interest in helping women sparked in 2005 after being initiated on her own personal healing path after her divorce and a period of financial and emotional hardship.

She became curious to learn about the human mind and how it works. She began to recognize patterns in her life, and see things in a different light, leading her to question everything as she knew it. This was not something she could easily discuss with too many people. As a result, she knew she wanted to help others that were going through their own awakening, offering support, encouragement, and tools to help ease the process. Zhayra enjoys helping
women find balance within their divine feminine and divine masculine power.

Her thirst for knowledge led her into the world of energy and quantum physics. She spent the next several years learning as much as she could. She started her studies in hypnosis, later becoming a Reiki Master. Zhayra also studied Sound Healing, Light Therapy with Sacred Geometry, Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing Meditation Techniques, and Clearing with the 5 Elements through the use of Chinese Medicine Techniques.

Eventually studying the teachings of Spiritual Acceleration with Bonnie since 2019. Zhayra enjoys using the techniques of SA because of the speed and power
of this healing practice that as a result have allowed her to sharpen her tracking abilities. This has led to her to witness huge transformations in her clients.

Zhayra lives in California, enjoys art, music, and being in nature.
She loves leading women’s healing circles, full moon meditation circles, meditation groups, sound baths, group hikes, earthing and grounding workshops.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." ~ Rupi Kaur

I am the Lock, I am the Key, I have the answers WithIN ME. ~ Zhayra Escobar

Raves & Reviews 

A magical experience... Zhayra truly cares!
My session went over because of my process, and I never felt rushed. She was very compassionate; she truly has a big heart.

Tammy L.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Zhayra. I have learned so much from her and have received immense healing from her guided meditations, sound baths and private sessions. Zhayra has a gift. She IS a gift. She can feel your energy and locate places where you need healing that you didn’t realize before. Zhayra is warm, kind, thoughtful, intuitive, inviting, the list goes on. I feel extremely comfortable opening up to Zhayra and allowing her healing techniques to do what needs to be done. I highly recommend Zhayra for any of your meditation and healing desires.

Tara C

Zhayra is a Godsent! She is an exceptional healer...
She did several clearings for my mother when she was alive, my mother would always tell me that she would feel so much peace every time Zhayra would work on her. Zhayra has been helping me through the grief of losing my mother through clearings. I'm blessed to have met Zhayra, she is such a beautiful soul. I would totally recommend her 100%.
Love and light.

Karla R.

I have worked with Zhayra a few times now. I think she is amazing at getting to the core of my issues. She is super compassionate, and I feel very comfortable telling her exactly what was happening to me in my life. Even though what I am going through sounds a bit wild, there was no judgment, and she helped me through. I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone looking for healing.

Kimberly G.

Zhayra is an amazing healer with a warm, sweet, intuitive, and spiritual energy. The energy clearing treatment I received, helped me feel, refreshed, alive and helped awaken a natural sense of healing and peace. She has a very unique gift, and every session has been a life changing event that has helped me heal from internal wounds and has helped me live a happier and more meaning life with tranquility and purpose.

Isabel A

Zhayra‘s deep emotional work is both gentle and substantial. She can see and feel right into the core of what’s needed, and after the clearing I felt so much more peaceful and grounded!

Charlene M.