Zhayra Escobar

Certified Accelerator   Healing Arts Practitioner

Zhayra Escobar

Are you ready to tap into your creativity and gifts? Are you ready to step into your personal power and allow for flow and ease to enter your life?

My greatest joy and passion in life is assisting my clients in embracing their power, shedding old limitations, and stepping into conscious creation and awareness. I hold a compassionate, soft, and loving space for you to gracefully release self-imposed patterns and buried tramas so that you can embody more of your true Self.

As we move into the New Paradigm, we are being called to reclaim our long-forgotten gifts, light, and power. In modern society, we have become imbalanced toward the masculine, active, “get it done” energy. We are now being called to step into our Divine Feminine aspect, connecting us to the energies of receptivity and flow while releasing our need to constantly control every aspect of our lives.

I love to see my clients regain their self-esteem and empowerment while still remaining authentically who they are. When we work together, I will help connect you to your inner feminine Source, allowing you to feel trust in the Universe, connecting you with your intuition and creativity, and allowing you to receive all that you deserve as a Divine Being!

There is a beautiful power within you, waiting to emerge

"To awaken our Feminine Power, we need to shift from being victims of our circumstances to seeing ourselves as the creators of our experience."

I have a passion for teaching people to connect to their personal power. When I was working as a personal stylist and designer in the fashion industry, I was always drawn to helping inspire women feel beautiful and connect with their femininity and creativity.  One thing that struck me was seeing how even successful women seemed to suffer from bad self-esteem. It opened my eyes to the self-judgment that so of us have due to unrealistic expectations from society.

I always found myself asking, “How can I help these Divine warriors see the breadth and depth of their beauty- both inside and out?”

“How can I help empower these souls to step fully and confidently into their sovereign light?”

Fueled by anger and burning curiosity, I was eager to learn more about the way our minds work. I longed to understand why trying times happen to so many, how I could change my current situation, and how I could keep it from happening again.

I eventually went down a rabbit hole, reading self-help books, discovering different religions, and finally deciding perhaps my beliefs were my issue.

I continued to examine spirituality, studied hypnosis and neuro linguistic programming, and delved into a series of powerful spiritual modalities.

I finally began to study shamanic work and energy healing to better understand the hidden core issues standing in the way of our limitless potential. We are all capable of so much more than we allow ourselves to even imagine.

When we work together, I will hold a safe and empathetic space for you to release the programs, patterns, traumas, and limitations that have been sabotaging your life and keeping you from moving forward.

I would be honored to help you tap into more of your authentic Self, opening up more creativity and receptivity.

Our lives are a beautiful journey. I want us all to embrace ourselves fully; loving our wildness, passion, and playfulness! My goal is for you to live each day with a sense of playful curiosity about the gifts and beautiful surprises waiting to be discovered if you can just allow yourself to receive.

"How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you." ~ Rupi Kaur

I am the Lock, I am the Key, I have the answers WithIN ME. ~ Zhayra Escobar

Zhayra’s lifelong passion for self-transformation, combined with her strong connection to nature and loving empathetic personality help her create a space of safety and compassion for her clients’ transformation and liberation.

Zhayra utilizes her skills as a Reiki Master as well as drawing on her experiences with other healing modalities to create tangible shifts in her clients’ lives, helping them to release their limitations and embrace more of who they authentically are.

Zhayra loves spending time in and around nature. She leads regular hiking and meditation groups in her home state of California. She also expresses her Divinity as an artist, embodying her joyful self-expression through painting, drumming, and dancing.

Raves & Reviews 

I have worked with Zhayra a few times now. I think she is amazing at getting to the core of my issues. She is super compassionate and I feel very comfortable telling her exactly what was
happening to me in my life. Even though what I am going through sounds a bit wild, there was no judgment, and she helped me through. I would highly recommend this lovely lady to anyone
looking for healing.

Kimberly G.

Zhayra is an amazing healer with a warm, sweet, intuitive, and spiritual energy. The energy clearing treatment I received, helped me feel, refreshed, alive and helped awaken a natural sense of healing and peace. She has a very unique gift, and every session has been a life changing event that has helped me heal from internal wounds and has helped me live a happier and more meaning life with tranquility and purpose.

Isabel A.

Zhayra’s personality and her ability to master her God given gifts have made her a successful energy worker. Her ability to conduct an energy clearing is second to none. Her style helps you easily visualize the movement of energy.
Zhayra’s ability to track unwanted energy and to remove energy blocks, then properly dispose of these abnormalities is simply amazing. She was able to help me remove emotional trauma from trust issues from past relationships, she was able clear up unwanted abnormalities in my third eye chakra, and she was able to clear us some stomach issues related to stress.
At the end of your session, you will be relaxed and connected to Mother Nature and her healing energy. Zhayra’s ability to master the movement of energy is an amazing gift!.

Victor C.

Zhayra's deep emotional work is both gentle and substantial. She can see and feel right into the core of what's needed, and after the clearing I felt so much more peaceful and grounded!

Charlene M.Co Founder, Coffee Inc