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Intimacy Exercise: Energy Containment

By Accelerated Living

This is the third intimacy exercise. I love this one because we all have a tendency to lean out of our selves without realizing it. Many people are so accustomed to outside stimuli that it is difficult to stay inside. We don’t realize that when we energetically lean out, we get uncomfortable. We lose touch with our self and are actually abandoning our self. When we do this, we look to other to fulfill us yet no one outside can do so. Read More

Eye Gazing: Intimacy Exercise

By Accelerated Living

Eye Gazing Exercise

This intimate exercise can really bring up a lot of feelings. While sitting in a comfortable position, look into each other’s eyes and relax the body. Notice when you start to tense up then make the choice to continue to relax. Notice any mind thoughts, feelings or desire that takes you away from just looking at one another. Read More