Group Clearings

A group clearing is a type of energy clean up lead by Bonnie Serratore. Her clearings are topic specific, and involve clearing out foreign and unwanted energy from our body, life stream, and energy field.

What Happens During a Clearing?

A clearing is basically removing, releasing, transforming and transmuting energy that is not of the person.  Nothing that is of the person is ever released. Underneath all the energy interferences is the true Divine Self full of light and love.

99% of all feelings, beliefs, conclusions, thoughts, judgments, programming, emotions, reactions, behavior’s, addictions, etc., is not the person’s true self. It come’s from the carry over of trauma, shock, loss, abandonment, rejection, and basically everything that one has lived and experienced in the “past” and is carried over in the Soul imprint into all future incarnations. This energy does not just leave or go away by it self. It has to be cleared. This is the reason most everyone continues to recreate the same experiences repeatedly in every lifetime.

It’s not that you haven’t got the lesson, it’s that you hold in your subconscious conclusions, beliefs and programming that attracts the same kind of experiences to you again and again.

For example, if you have ever fallen in love, especially at an early age, and for whatever reason that love was lost and was extremely painful, we might draw the conclusion that to avoid such pain ever again we will keep our heart protected and never let ourselves trust love again.  We conclude that love hurts.

In truth, love does not hurt. It cannot hurt. What hurts is the taking things personally and the belief in loss, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, unworthiness, etc.

Clearings release all foreign energy. Foreign energy is every frequency that is not of the person.  The most common foreign frequency is discarnate beings. These are dead people who have entered the person’s body. Generally, discarnate beings enter a host with the same frequency as them.

For example, if someone has been molested or raped, they will have those kinds of discarnate beings attracted to them who also have been molested or raped. With addictions, whatever that addiction is, there will be discarnate beings attracted to the host with the same addictions and so on.

When you don’t want to be here, when you hate your body, when you hate your life, when you have feelings that you want to check out, when you believe that you didn’t ask to be born, or anything you feel or believe that takes you away from your self, you open the door to allow discarnate beings in. Sometimes they take over. At the very least they amplify the intensity of your experience.

The other aspect of clearings is the carry over of injuries from past incarnations. If the emotions caused from that injury are not released in that lifetime a person can bring the actual pain of the injury into the present incarnation.

Frequencies from “other” sentient beings including Galactic Beings, creatures, insects, critters, demons, etc., can be released. Things like curses, spells, charms, voodoo, witchcraft, black magic, Satanism, and all things that have been done to a person as well as the things that the person has delved into, is affecting the person in this lifetime and need to be cleared.

All contracts and agreements to know thy self in all the ways you have agreed to experience your self, generally need to be cleared.

Remember, there are no victims. Everyone, without exception, agreed to know their self in all ways and to have all their experiences in order to know thy self.

Clearings remove trauma, shock, PTSD, karma, illness, disease and just about everything that ails a human being.

Once foreign frequencies are released, more of the person’s soul pieces and essence can be returned to the body.

Clearings bring one back to their true self. The behaviors, beliefs, programing, etc. is gone, permanently and immediately.

Clearings are not about the story. Clearings are about using the emotional energy to track and then clear all foreign interferences. If we get to the core the issue is over. Gone forever.  It’s called Liberation.