David Conroy

David wandered into Bonnie’s class almost on a whim and was curious about working and moving energy. Years later, he is an accredited Spiritual Accelerator.

Bonnie had recently moved to Colorado and was beginning to teach classes. I saw her picture in a news letter and just had a very strong feeling from deep within that I should go and see what her classes were about.

I had zero intention of becoming a practitioner. I mean zero. After the first weekends of classes I was floored by the impact the work had on me. The results were tangible which is something my accounting & engineer type brain needs. Imagine having social anxiety issues your entire life, and then in almost an instant they are gone. The memory of them a distant past that doesn’t even feel like you. Yup, too good to be true, but yet here I am. I have been flying be the seat of my pants every since. It has been a blast (most of the time).

David Assists With The Following:

  • Reconciliation With Our Shadow Aspects

  • Releasing Anxiety and Fear

  • Loss of Self

  • Learning to Embrace the Unknown

  • Clearing grief and sadness

Starseed’s tend to gravitate to me and will instantly feel a sense of “home” when they work with me.

Together we can reconnect you with your “people.” From the more familiar and known races to the far off and distant starseed’s who’s home does not have a name and who’s location might be indescribable in our language, we can find that connection again. There is a strand that keeps you connected to those places. We will ride it together to wherever it takes us.

To the wanderers who have no sense of home and know that they are a guest on earth, we will connect you back again to why you are here. I would gently remind you that you are in fact a human at this time. Embrace it and ride the wave. I am an entrepreneur and seasoned financial professional. I am a licensed CPA and hold a Masters Degree in Accounting. I enjoy raising my two sons (most days), and running my business. During my free time I enjoy building and creating things in my shop/garage, hiking and camping, and journeying down the rabbit hole of mysticism.

Allow your armor to melt away…

“I believe in pushing the limits of possibilities in this world. This world is not what it appears to be. We are the technology. We are also our own prisons. Allow me to assist you with freeing yourself. My clients leave a session feeling safe and having a sense of security that is like nothing they have experienced before. I create a space that allows people to feel incredibly safe allowing us to go deeper into the subconscious. The armor and defenses are shed exposing the deep wounds so that we can unwind them together. The SA Team considers me to be the go to person to deal with the truly dark energy. Frequently, folks have a direct traumatic experience in this lifetime where they have been abused, terrorized, haunted or victimized in an extreme situation. We can find these dark energies and release them. There is a frequency of light that can be held to meet these energies which can hold the catalyst for great change and healing.”

~ David

Schedule Your Session With David Conroy

Schedule Your Session With David Conroy