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Bonnie reads through each and every prayer, activating them on your behalf and intervening on higher energetic planes so that your prayers are heard with crystal clarity. This sacred space offers a heartfelt community to share your deepest hopes and fears on a donation-based model. Regardless of your ability to contribute monetarily, all prayers will be answered.

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Hi all.

Please join me in praying that my mom enjoys the healthiest, safest, smoothest, easiest, fastest success in her desire to become a self-responsible leader of her own health and a Blue-Zone supercentenarian, with the benefits below:

- immediate removal of all types of internal and external interference

- complete replacement of her dependence on mainstream medicine with increasingly better natural holistic health therapies

- permanent realization of her individual care needs through a growing support system that surpasses my abilities, efforts and

results as her primary (and often only) caregiver

Blessings to all.

Received: March 14, 2024

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This is Praise that Bonnie's Prayers are answered, and are Real and do work!!!!
I payed for help in clearing black magick attacks for Myself, My Mom and Family as well as for My Home and property to be cleared. Within 4 minutes of me receiving the E-mail from Bonnie that my Prayer has been answered...I felt a shift in my energy, My Mom is currently completely calm and relaxed (I care for my Mom, she had a stroke and has dementia) while all last week she was crying, complaining, and calling for me every 10 min... Yeah! Something GREAT definitely occurred here! I also received a call from my Mom's caregiver who helps give Mom a bath asking if there is anything else she can do to help me?!! Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You Bonnie!! You are a God Send!! Much LOVE and Many BLessings for All You do for Us!!

Destine Reed