Do you need a little bit of extra support in your life?

What would it feel like to have Bonnie “in your corner”? Our new prayer corner will function much like petitions for prayers in a traditional religious setting. This is a non-paid service that Bonnie is providing to her community to assist in your liberation. You can post to our wall with your prayers for yourself, or on behalf of those who are unable to do so for themselves. These posts can be asking for support or help with anything you may be struggling with in your life.

Twice per week, Bonnie will read all of the submitted prayers, wishes, and dreams in our Liberation Corner, and will add her energetic prayers to the group, intervening and working on the Higher Levels as needed to help in your healing process. Please note that although Bonnie will not be responding directly to each request with a response on the website, she will be working with every person on the energetic levels to support and assist you or your loved one.

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I request prayer for my friend Eva who has disabilities, is a full-time student, and requires a much higher income so she can rent her own apartment. Right now she lives in an abusive home.

I request prayer for my friend Valerie whose granddaughter is ordered by the court to spend every weekend with her abusive, neglectful, drug addict biological father. His attorneys have worked the system to ensure he has access to her. He is not a fit father. Next custody hearing is in May 2022. Please pray her mother (Valerie's daughter) gets sole custody of her daughter, with no further contact from the biological father permitted.

I request prayer for my friends Kristine and Gaye, who are assaulted day and night by dark ETs and dark entities who wish to steal their life energy and torture them. I request prayer that they be freed from these assaults.

I request prayer that I receive all needed monies to move to New Mexico in May, as my spirit team has informed me that that is where I am meant to be now.

Thank you so much!

Received: January 29, 2022

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This is Praise that Bonnie's Prayers are answered, and are Real and do work!!!!
I payed for help in clearing black magick attacks for Myself, My Mom and Family as well as for My Home and property to be cleared. Within 4 minutes of me receiving the E-mail from Bonnie that my Prayer has been answered...I felt a shift in my energy, My Mom is currently completely calm and relaxed (I care for my Mom, she had a stroke and has dementia) while all last week she was crying, complaining, and calling for me every 10 min... Yeah! Something GREAT definitely occurred here! I also received a call from my Mom's caregiver who helps give Mom a bath asking if there is anything else she can do to help me?!! Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You Bonnie!! You are a God Send!! Much LOVE and Many BLessings for All You do for Us!!

Destine Reed