Tracey McPhee

Certified Accelerator

Tracey knew from birth that her connection to the Divine would help free her soul and help it evolve from negative and dark force attachments. Tracey has been on her own personal journey of transformation since her own awakening 25 years ago. Since then she has been bringing her light and gifts to help humanity evolve to a higher-level of consciousness.

During your session with Tracey, you gain an understanding of your own reality and the ways in which it has been shaped by forces outside of your conscious control.

“I was born knowing my connection to the divine, but life and religion muddled the waters for me until I began my conscious, spiritual journey in my late twenties.” During those years I studied under various spiritual teachers and immersed myself in meditations, reading, and attending retreats throughout the years. Returning with a head full of sentences spoken from the deepest depths of my being, I was just beginning to understand.I knew I wanted to live with my heart wide open and most importantly, I wanted to know the truth about everything. That is my path, that is my journey. A journey of healing and discovery.

After coming across Bonnie’s teachings and her book, “The Way Back Home,” I discovered that I had lost my sense of self and the truth of who I am. A Divine Being having a human experience on Earth. To live my purpose – TO KNOW MYSELF and all it entails. To live without my wounding holding me back, to make my choices in true free will and to express myself as the extension of the Divine I know myself to be.

My purpose is to assist you in coming back home – to your Divine being, to the your truth!

If you’re ready to take an active approach to your personal evolution and liberate yourself from these negative energies that keep you from being all of you, book your session with Tracey today.

Tracey Assists With The Following:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Manifestation
  • Lack, poverty consciousness
  • Family issues
  • Stagnation, feeling stuck
  • Lack of purpose, direction
  • Feelings of anxiety, depression
  • Physical issues
  • Entity removal
  • Inner child work
  • Past life work
  • Relationship issues
  • Understanding self
  • Raising vibration
  • Self- discovery and expression
  • Dark force interference

It’s about unlearning all the things that hold us back–the stories, beliefs, and expectations that keep us stuck. We are conditioned to live in an illusion, but it doesn’t have to be that way–we can find our way home. It would be my  and a privilege to walk hand in hand and heart to heart with you on YOUR journey to the truth of YOU. The journey home.

~ Tracey

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