Apprenticeship BootCamp

with Master Teacher and Accelerator, Chris Williams

*Get Prepared for the 2025 Apprenticeship Program*

What is Apprenticeship BootCamp?

The Apprenticeship BootCamp is a pre-recorded, fast-paced crash course in the fundamentals of Spiritual Acceleration(SA)’s shamanic healing techniques. It is designed for healers whose shamanic skills have already been awakened and who are ready to take The Apprenticeship Program with Bonnie, but still need the knowledge particular to SA’s quantum shamanic healing techniques. 

These self-paced classes allow select healers to bypass the 6-month Foundations Training, a prerequisite for the Apprenticeship Program, and learn the terminology and techniques unique to SA’s profound healing work. 

*Due to the brisk pace and condensed curriculum, participants must already know how to sense and track energy.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to move, clear, dissolve, release, and disintegrate all types of energy.
  • Identify discarnates and other forms of sentient beings that attach to or enter the body or the space around a person.
  • Identify and clear implants from all sources, including military, government, alien and One-Percenters.
  • Ensure that implant and inter-dimensional beings do not return once removed.
  • Discern what is of the Light and what is of the Dark.
  • Track any issue to its original source through all time and space dimensions.

Practice Pods

Practice Pods are small, student-led healing sessions designed to give you hands-on opportunities to enhance your skills of the techniques being learned. Within each Pod, students take turns being the shaman, the shaman’s assistant and the client. This enables you to practice your tracking skills, give and receive clearings, and deeply unravel core wounds and patterns. **You will be expected to be familiar with how Practice Pods are formed and conducted prior to joining the Apprenticeship Program.

Walk the Shamanic Path

Bonnie’s unparalleled healing techniques were honed through self-discoveries, direct experiences, and spiritual initiations in current and past lifetimes. As a student of her work, you too begin to walk a shamanic path as her work guides you through spiritual peaks and valleys within yourself and witnessing those within others.

With the Apprenticeship BootCamp, you will begin to shift lifetimes of trauma, unravel core wounds and increase your capacity to heal yourself and others at the deepest levels.

The Benefits:

  •  Learn the SA quantum shamanic methodology of moving and clearing energy for yourself and others.
  •  Experience the release of trauma and negative beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • Prepare to connect with like-minded individuals in the Apprenticeship Program with an intimate group that is designed for mutual support for your own healing and shamanic growth.
  • Make quantum leaps as a practitioner and level up your healing practice.

What’s Included:

  • Student Workbook
  • Two (2) pre-recorded class sessions available in your member’s library
  • Instructional video on how to conduct Practice Pods
  • Terminology and methodology that are taught in the Foundations program to prepare you for the Apprenticeship program

Your Instructor

Chris Williams

Master Teacher and Accelerator Chris Williams is a meticulous and proficient energy healer who leads students through teachings with patience and open-hearted guidance. Chris began his journey with Bonnie in 2014 and has been an Accelerator and teacher since Fall 2018. His passion for expanding one’s abilities to learn, develop and explore within the astral worlds translates effortlessly to a learning setting. His profound experiences with navigating different planes of consciousness make him uniquely suited to guide students safely through the many worlds and dimensions that a shaman must travel. Chris brings a sense of joy and levity to his teaching and exercises in exploration while also helping students remain anchored while in expanded states of consciousness.

Apprenticeship BootCamp Focus

BootCamp is a pre-recorded intensive program that will bring your knowledge up to par with the fundamentals of the 6-month Foundations Training Program in order to attend the Apprenticeship Program with Bonnie Serratore.

  • Tracking, manipulating and clearing energy
  • How to differentiate between and locate discarnates and other forms of sentient beings 
  • Using the quantum shamanic work developed by Bonnie Serratore effectively
  • Identification and removal of psychic implants including military, government and inter-dimensional beings
  • Complete closure to ensure that what was removed cannot return to client
  • Light beings vs. Dark beings

The Curriculum

Video 1: Modules 1-3 of the Apprenticeship BootCamp Workbook

Video 2: Modules 4-6 of the Apprenticeship BootCamp Workbook

Video 1: Modules 1-3

Video 1: Modules 1-3 of the Apprenticeship BootCamp Workbook

Facilitator: Chris William

Topics Covered:

  • Spirit Liberation
    • Working with The Dead
    • Emotions and Entities
    • The Effects of Entities Interference
  • Clearing The Life Stream
    • Clearing The Life-Stream And Lifetimes
    • Energetic Traumas And Shock
    • Emotional Traumas
    • Energetic Bindings
  • Inter-Dimensional Interference
    • Alien Interferences, Beings, And Implants
    • Other Interfering Energetic Creatures And Beings
    • Spiders And Other Spirit Beings
    • The Perpetrator

Video 2: Modules 4-6

Video 2: Modules 4-6 of the Apprenticeship BootCamp Workbook

Facilitator: Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

    • Soul and Essence Retrieval
      • Advanced: Working With The Light
      • Expanding The Alternate Awareness
      • Preparation For Altering Awareness
      • Soul Retrieving
    • Dark Side Of The Light
      • Advanced: Working With The Light
      • Expanding The Alternate Awareness
      • Preparation For Altering Awareness
      • Soul Retrieving
    • Healer Heal Thyself
      • Energetic Healing Of Emotional Body
      • Energetic Healing Of The Physical Body
      • PTSD

Prerequisites for the Apprenticeship BootCamp

*Refined knowledge of your intuitive gifts*

*Experience tracking and moving energy in oneself and others with constructive results*

If you believe you are qualified, please apply to the Apprenticeship BootCamp below.

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Cancellation Policy for When Minimum Number of Participants Has Not Been Met: Spiritual Acceleration is dedicated to delivering transformative experiences through our high-quality classes, trainings, and programs. If the minimum participant requirement is not met two (2) days before the scheduled start, we regretfully will cancel. We value your commitment to spiritual growth and in such cases, a full refund will be issued to registered participants.Thank you for your understanding as we strive to create meaningful and impactful experiences for all.