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While everyone who has done the training does good work, in this class we will be deeply refining these skills. The best way for that to happen is to expand your awareness of working on the astral planes. You will learn how to “look” for the core seed of any issue, and you they will learn that interferences span not only what seems to be the issue, but the minute frequency’s that are invisible and can only be known by the most expert healers. This goes way beyond the foundational training. The class time is spent in actual healings rather than in information.


During these trainings we will get into finite energy tracking, learning how to be with your clients, and creating transformative healing experiences for others.  As you go through your own unraveling process, you will have the opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner knowing and healing capacity. Each month we meet for a focused 3 hours honing in on these essential, fundamental techniques while practicing them on each other, learning the finer details of spiritual acceleration technique and practicing energy medicine.


A fourth hour is spent assisting a shaman student as they track and do a clearing on another student, which help them to learn how to unravel even more profoundly.

Train With Bonnie Live and Online!

The second Saturday of every month, from 10 am-1:00 pm MT.

This online Apprenticeship program is ongoing and can be attended after completion of the Foundations Program whether you attended in person during a ten day retreat, live online or by individual study with videos and book.


Program continues the second Saturday of every month from 10:00am until 1:00pm. This is a drop in program. You can continue with the Apprenticeship until you feel confident to branch out on your own or become an SA Team Accelerator.

The Benefits:

  • Experience a powerful release of energy holding you back.
  • Receive multiple clearings from Bonnie Serratore and your peers. Discover an inner freedom.
  • Study directly with cutting-edge energy leader Bonnie Serratore
  • Release stuck emotional trauma with a positive group ready to support you
  • Empower yourself with cutting edge spiritual acceleration technique
Meet Your Guide

Your Teacher & Guide

Master Tracker Bonnie Serratore

Bonnie has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies. She is a Spiritual Accelerator, meaning she helps people accelerate (or speed up) their personal healing, growth and spiritual development. Bonnie accelerates the liberation of our authentic, true and Divine self. Bonnie does so by removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space that interfere with the expression of our Divine self.


Everything Bonnie Serratore knows she has learned through direct experience in her own life as well as from working with her clients and students. She has not studied or trained with any teachers, living or dead, and does not use spirit guides or any trance inducing tools – she relies on nothing but her own inner knowing and the energy of the white light of creation. Although she was born with these abilities, she has developed her intimate connection with herself and the light through her profound personal experiences. She lived alone in the desert of Arizona for four years speaking to almost no one. There she expanded her skills and burned through much of her own interference and ego. She has taken personal trips where she studied the energy of the pyramids of Egypt, and the sacred sites throughout Israel. In these experiences, she cultivated deeper and deeper connections with Source by realizing the true nature of her own divinity. Bonnie’s work has lead to the development of The White Raven Center and many other spiritual centers throughout the West Coast of the United States.

Spiritual Acceleration is the culmination of everything Bonnie has discovered and the realms of consciousness that she has expertly explored. She is on the leading edge of the Spiritual Acceleration movement – a global community of people dedicated to their own personal liberation and supporting others that are on the same journey. Her work is like no other in that its transformation is profound, permanent, and accelerated beyond expectation.  She currently holds regular intensives and professional training where she teaches Spiritual Acceleration techniques & Master Tracking skills. We welcome you to explore these once in a lifetime opportunity!

The Apprenticeship Practice Hours

Every month, Apprentices will be entitled to 4 hours of pod sessions supervised by an SA Team member. Apprentices are also required to practice for 4 hours minimum with their colleagues in practice sessions outside of class. Completing these hours is required in order to graduate and have the opportunity to join the SA Team.

What Does Class Time Look Like?

During class, Bonnie will focus her attention on leading the class through a clearing. She will share her step-by step details of what she is tracking, and the finer details of how she is removing it. Each student will receive at least one clearing from her and the entire class. These clearings are remarkably potent – the entire class will have their attention on one classmate at a time creating a huge shift in that individual. Now that you have mastered the teachings, this class is all about leading a clearing and using the knowledge in the deepest and most impactful way possible.

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