Michael Higgins

Certified Accelerator

Michael was born knowing he was a spiritual being and he always wanted to better understand what that meant. On his journey he practiced massage, reflexology, reiki, and meditation. Michael worked in community development, rehabilitation centres, special needs units, learning centres, and in the arts.

When Michael discovered Bonnie and saw the potent results energy worked with freeing people from unresolved emotional issues, he knew he wanted to unravel his own and learn how to assist others.

Michael will hold you in a safe environment where he can untangle and track the source of the issue, deal with deeper layers present, and address the root cause.

This work is to assist your soul’s evolution by removing any blocks on your spiritual journey giving you clarity, deeper understanding of self, and liberation from your emotional wounding.

Clearing emotions may involve the following:

  • Removing discarnates that match your wound’s frequency. Discarnates are souls that attach to you through your wounding and you end up feeling their wounds as well. Removal clears the way to eliminate your emotional issues and leaves no frequency for other discarnates to latch on in future.
  • Wounding and trauma from past lives are imprinted and present in your current life. We track that frequency back to its source, unravel, and clear it.
  • Promises, contracts, or vows made in past lives that you are unaware of and need to be undone as they are no longer of service.
  • Dealing with interferences like implants, devices, curses, spells, dark force energy, and other-worldly frequencies can also be tracked and removed.
  • Our belief systems can limit our understanding and views on how we see the world and ourselves. Repeatedly reliving negative experiences can anchor misperceptions of reality. The wounding needs to be unravelled before the programming can be removed from the subconscious mind.

Michael Assists With The Following:

  • Tracking emotional trauma

  • Dark force removal

  • Soul retrieval

  • Unravelling past lives and karma

  • Feelings of anxiety and depression

  • Entity removal

  • Relationship issues

  • Tracking interferences and removing blocks.

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