Ask Bonnie

What are your BIGGEST questions around your liberation, limitations or path in life? If you had the chance to ask Master Teacher Bonnie Serratore your ONE most burning question what would it be? Now is your chance to ask Bonnie directly what might be standing in the way of you embracing your ultimate liberation and freedom.

This is a paid service for $75.00 per one question. Bonnie will respond via a video recording answering your ONE submitted question.  Videos will range in length depending on the depth of your question. Please note that a typical video response will range anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

In our newest feature, “Ask Bonnie”,

you will have the opportunity to ask Bonnie your ONE most pressing question. Although this will not be a clearing, you will still receive the benefits of Bonnie connecting with your Higher Self and the healing that comes from this type of work with Bonnie on the Higher Levels. Bonnie will present you with a detailed recording with guidance, teachings and higher knowledge directly from Source around your question, and how you can step into a more authentic and fulfilling life experience!

This is your opportunity to go directly to Bonnie for insight on how YOU can release pain from your life, move past blocks or stagnation, and embrace yourself in new ways that will shift and change your perspective, inviting in a fuller experience, bringing in new levels of insight and awareness!

You will ask Bonnie your ONE most pressing question about your life, liberation, blocks, etc.

Simply fill out the form provided in as much detail as you like to be submitted to Bonnie directly. Within 3 business days, you will be emailed a link to your audio recording with detailed information from Bonnie about your question. The recording can be downloaded directly onto your computer via the link provided, so you will have unlimited access to it later. The length and content of the recording will vary based on the question and the information Bonnie receives!

Common topics are usually related to personal growth, blockages or limitations in your life, life purpose, identifying patterns or belief structures.

Here are some examples:

  • After doing many different programs about money and finances, I still am in debt and can’t create wealth for myself. What is preventing me from expressing my abundance?
  • I got a reading and was told that my ancestral family had a curse placed over them. Is this why I am having problems with my relationship (money, illness, etc)?
  • I seem to always date the same type of person. Why am I reliving these same relationship patterns over and over again?
  • There are people in my life that I have an immediate dislike for, even though I have never met them before. Why does this happen?
  • My entire family struggles with social anxiety (depression, mental illness, etc.). Can this be shifted or do I have to experience these things in my life, too?

Please note:

This is not a psychic reading, so any questions asking for “readings” will not be answered and a refund will be issued. Since this will not be an actual clearing, these types of questions would not be a great fit for our “Ask Bonnie”, and would be more suited to a private session:

  • I was told I have an entity that is taking over my body, can you get rid of it?
  • Is this person my “soul mate”?
  • When will I meet my twin flame?