Master Energy Tracker Bonnie Serratore

Bonnie has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies.

Bonnie Serratore is a Spiritual Accelerator,

meaning she helps people accelerate their personal healing, growth and spiritual development. Bonnie activates the liberation of our authentic divine self. She does so by clearing unwanted foreign energy from all time and space.

Everything Bonnie Serratore knows she has learned through direct experience in her own life, as well as from working with her clients and students. She has not studied or trained with any teachers, living or dead, and does not use spirit guides or any trance-inducing tools. She relies solely on her inner knowing and the energy of the white light of creation.

Although she was born with these abilities, she has developed an intimate connection with herself and the light through her profound personal experiences. She lived alone in the desert of Arizona for four years, speaking to almost no one. There she expanded her skills and burned through much of her own interference and ego.

Bonnie has taken personal trips where she studied the energy of the pyramids of Egypt and the sacred sites throughout Israel.

In these experiences, she cultivated deep connections with Source by realizing the true nature of her own divinity. Bonnie’s work has led to the start of the White Raven Center and other spiritual centers throughout the US west coast. Spiritual Acceleration is the culmination of everything Bonnie has discovered and the realms of consciousness that she has expertly explored.

She is on the leading edge of the Spiritual Acceleration movement – a global community of people dedicated to their own personal liberation and supporting others that are on the same journey. Her work is like no other in that its transformation is profound, permanent and accelerated beyond expectation. She currently holds regular programs and professional training where she teaches Spiritual Acceleration’s quantum shamanic techniques & Master Energy Tracking skills.

We welcome you to explore these once in a lifetime opportunities!

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