Know Thyself is a 10-month online course held monthly on the fourth Saturday of each month starting on May 25, 2024. Each session is three hours long and starts at 12:00 pm EST.

Know Thyself is higher consciousness teachings that support those seeking to wake up and get liberated from their false beliefs, programming and core emotional wounds that simply are not the truth of who we are. These unconscious patterns keep you unfulfilled, drained of vital life force and feeling alone.

We are all seeking happiness whether we know it or not, or whether we believe it or not.

We cannot know who we are, what we are capable of if we do not know the truth of who we are. Our lives are based on beliefs and concussions of those who have gone before us. Those who asked the deeper questions of who are we thousands of years ago. Questions like, who are we, what are we doing here, how did we come into being and what is our purpose? Most of humanity is following someone or some belief or religion, or spiritual practice created by someone else. Since we want to be happy, we look to whoever seems to have those answers so we too can be happy by knowing the answers.

Remember, no ones journey to truth, liberation or enlightenment is the same.

No ones experiences will wake you up or enlighten you. Yes, the experiences of others can definitely help us and assist us on our journey, yet no ones experience will do for us what it did for them. There are many sages, guru’s, spiritual teachers, enlightened teachers that share their experiences and teachings. Yet, no one who has studied with any of these teachers has woken up, no one. Now, yes it’s true that many people have become so much more aware and awake, but reaching the awareness of the teacher? Not happening.

What Bonnie offers is an end to suffering. She is not claiming enlightenment, only liberation from the self. All of us are created equal, meaning we all have the ability to know truth when we hear it. Unfortunately, many have lost that ability to trust their own knowing because we over rode it with the threat of survival. Remember, we are wired to survive. Anything that threatens our survival we will do whatever we can to live. That means that when we feel the threat of the loss of love, we will do whatever it takes to ensure our survival. Love is the key to life, It is the key to survival.

When we are loved, we are safe, we will be fed, nurtured, protected and cared for.

When we are children, we learn not to touch what we see and are drawn to, not to taste the things we discover on the floor or ground. Of course, this is our parents making sure we don’t eat something bad for us or cause us harm that they feel is for our greatest good. These early lessons also teach us how not to be our authentic selves. We become what we believe others want us to be in order to survive. Remember, without love, we are doomed. We will not live without the care of our protectors. To add to the mix are all of our lifetimes where we learned about survival. We must adhere and fit in in order to survive. Survival is our reptilian brain. It isn’t logic, it is pure survival.

Know Thyself is an opportunity to learn how we all co-create our reality 100%.

It is the higher teachings of who we are as a soul evolving who ultimately returns back to Oneness. That is what we are and all seeking. What we are doing here and where we are going will be answered. There are many tools that will be taught that will assist everyone to better understand how we co-create our painful experiences and why. We will learn how to stop creating more self torture, abuse, undermining and self hatred and learn to create loving experiences.

Bonnie will anchor in the teachings by using willing participants for her demonstrations. The demonstrations will clearly make it possible for everyone to understand the teachings. Once we know how to use our lives and our reactions to unravel the subconscious, we are able to take control of our lives and create what we want from the heart rather than the unconscious.

Every human is a very powerful being.

Everyone is constantly creating their lives, we just don’t know it. We believe we are victims because it actually appears that we are. What we are not aware of is that we are souls working together with all our soul family to help us unravel and clear what is not the truth of who we are.

We are not broken, shattered, fearful beings. We are not weak, powerless, victims. We are not incapable or incompetent.


So, why not?

  • Why not learn to face yourself and regain the power that is innately yours?
  • Why not discover how to unharness your abilities?
  • Why not make the connection to your higher levels?
  • Why not reconnect with your knowing?
  • Why not set yourself free from the inner critic?
  • Why not set yourself free from your inner negativity?
  • Why not live a life of peace, joy, happiness?
  • Why not be unattached in all ways?
  • Why not be unafraid to live life fully? To express yourself?
  • Why not be free from your own judgments?
  • Why not get liberated?

During the Know Thyself Program, all areas of limitations, beliefs, misperceptions, etc. that keep you small will be addressed. You will discover that you are a Divine Being, Creator Incarnate creating your reality 100%.

Now that’s EMPOWERING!

Topics that cause great suffering and will be addressed and unraveled include:

  • Our judgments
  • Our beliefs
  • Our envy
  • Our victimization
  • Our poor me
  • Our shame
  • Our guilt
  • Our fear
  • Our regret
  • Our sexuality
  • Our disempowerment
  • Our fear of our greatness
  • Our fear of our Light

Everything leads back to the Self.
It is all about “me”.

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