Foundations Training

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Master the Fundamentals of Quantum Shamanic Energy Healing

Welcome to our 10-month transformative journey, delving deep into the heart of quantum shamanic healing. Guided by Master Accelerator Chris Williams (US/UK) and Lead Accelerator Sarah Ellingworth (Australia) this extended Foundations Training invites seekers, both experienced and new, to explore the realms of energy tracking, past lives, entity removal, relationships, and more.

In this supportive sanctuary, you’ll unravel core emotional traumas, heal unresolved fears, and enhance your psychic abilities. Engage in small practice pods led by our Certified Accelerators, offering personalized guidance on energy tracking and entity removal. Grounded in Bonnie Serratore’s visionary quantum methodology, this empowering course promises profound self-discovery. Are you ready to step into the light of transformation? Join us and emerge deeply connected to yourself and the world around you.
  • Course Duration: 10-month transformative journey into quantum shamanic healing.
  • Focus Areas: Explore energy tracking, past lives, entity removal, relationships, and more.
  • Inclusivity: Open to both experienced seekers and newcomers
  • Community Support: Engage in small practice pods led by Certified Accelerators.
  • Skill Enhancement: Receive guidance on energy tracking and entity removal to boost your healing confidence.
  • Foundation: Based on Bonnie Serratore’s visionary quantum shamanics methodology.
  • Transformation: Emerge profoundly self-aware and deeply connected to the world around you.
  • Opportunity: Step into the light of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • The Foundations Training includes small, student-led practice pods with one of our Certified Accelerators observing and assisting. Practice pods meet twice a month outside of scheduled class times. These pods allow you to practice what you’re learning like how to track energy, remove entities or unravel core wounds. This experience and feedback will dramatically increase your healing abilities and set you well on your way to applying these skills for yourself, loved ones or clients.

    What’s included:

    • Recorded live training sessions
      Access lessons on-demand, allowing you to revisit content and learn at your own pace, ensuring you fully grasp all concepts.

    • Real time instruction, practice and support from Chris Williams or Sarah Ellingworth
      Receive direct guidance from experienced practitioners, ensuring personalized feedback and hands-on assistance to refine your skills and understanding.

    • Clearings by Master Accelerator, Chris Williams, Lead Accelerator Sarah Ellingworth, or Certified Accelerator Tracey McPhee
      Experience firsthand the transformative power of shamanic energy healing from seasoned experts, fostering personal growth and deepening your connection to the practice.

    • Student workbooks for each module
      Have a tangible resource to supplement your learning, allowing you to review, note, and track your progress throughout the course.


    • Bi-weekly practice pods with a Certified Accelerator to practice your newly-learned skills.
      Engage in consistent, hands-on practice sessions, reinforcing learning and enhancing your confidence in applying your newfound skills.

    • Private Facebook Group to connect with your cohorts and build community!
      Engage in a supportive environment, share experiences, and learn from peers, fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging.

    • Mentoring Meetings with Master Accelerator, David Conroy, for a deeper dive into topics, questions and answers. Dates TBA
      Obtain advanced insights and delve deeper into specific areas of interest, ensuring clarity and a profound understanding of shamanic energy healing concepts.

    • Receive an Energy Healing Practitioner Certificate.
      Gain formal recognition of your skills and knowledge, enhancing your credibility and providing a pathway to professional opportunities in the field of energy healing. This certificate can also boost your confidence and signify your commitment to the practice.

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    Your Teachers

    Chris Williams

    Chris Williams is a meticulous and proficient energy healer, who has been dedicated to the path of higher-level energy medicine for the past decade. Chris has been working with Bonnie since 2014, and practicing and teaching on the team since Fall 2018. Chris is passionate about helping his students expand their own abilities to learn, develop and explore within the astral worlds. His deep familiarity and experience in navigating different planes of consciousness make him uniquely suited in guiding you safely and deeply both into yourself and into the world of the Shaman. He delights in injecting a sense of fun and play into these profound explorations into the cosmos, and helps guide you in anchoring expanded states of Being into your everyday consciousness.

    Tracey McPhee

    Tracey is excited to be teaching Awaken the Shaman along with Chris Williams. Tracey knew from birth that her connection to the Divine would help free her soul and help it evolve from negative and dark force attachments. Tracey has been on her own personal journey of transformation since her own awakening 25 years ago. Since then she has been bringing her light and gifts to help humanity evolve to a higher-level of consciousness.

    Sarah Ellingworth

    Sarah Ellingworth is a powerful psychic healer and spiritual mentor who supports and nurtures students and clients to reclaim their sovereign divinity, own their true power and embrace self-responsibility as they grow in their spiritual maturity and soul expansion. Sarah is highly developed in the death and rebirth process of healing, supporting and guiding others to release the hold of fear, ego, conditioning, programming, and survival consciousness, enabling them to move further and deeper into soul connection, integration of source light, trusting in themselves and the divine and accessing their own profound wisdom and higher intelligence.

    Allow Sarah to guide you through understanding your resistances, fears and doubt surrounding your natural intuitive abilities and breakthrough old barriers and limitations empowering you to step into your divine power as the intuitive and psychic being that you already are.

    What Are People Saying!

    What will you learn?

    Spiritual Acceleration’s Foundations Certification

    This intensive training requires a 10-month commitment to your soul’s evolution. It asks you to expand past your comfort zone, examine your fears and false beliefs, and be 100% present for the journey of a lifetime.

    After completing the Foundations Training Certification, you are then eligible to take our Apprenticeship Program taught by Bonnie Serratore. The successful completion of the Apprenticeship Program allows you to become a part of the Spiritual Acceleration team as a Certified Accelerator.

    The Curriculum & Schedule

     Certification Program

    Each month a different topic is covered. Classes consist of didactic lectures, demonstrations and practice of the given module’s techniques. The trainings are held every 2nd weekend of the month, starting February 3rd and 4th, 2024. There are several breaks throughout the day. Classes are recorded and will be made available in your Member Site.

    • US + UK: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (ET) / 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm (GMT) – with Chris Williams and Tracey McPhee

    • Australia: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (AEST) – with Sarah Ellingworth

    Module 1: Energetic Anatomy

    Dates: February 3rd & 4th

    Open to your higher levels and learn to work with the Light. We will also become familiar with the different energy bodies and the energetics of triggers.

    Module 2: Entities

    Dates: March 2nd & 3rd

    Learning to clear entities, discarnates, and attachments from the emotional energy body.

    Module 3: Past Lives

    Dates: April 6th & 7th

    We will learn how to track and unravel our wounding carried forward from past lives. We will also dive into issues, this module working with the Well of Grief.

    Module 4: ET Interference

    Dates: May 4th & 5th

    How to perceive and clear alien interferences, interdimensional beings, and implants. We will also work with higher dimensional ETs to supercharge your clearing work and journey through the universe.

    Module 5: Dark Forces 1 + Dark Night of the Soul

    Dates: June 1st & 2nd

    We will dive into how to work with Dark Forces, Blood Oaths, and Demonic beings. We continue to deepen our understanding of how to track and clear issues, looking at the Dark Night of the Soul.

    Module 6: Soul and Essence Retrieval

    Dates: July 6th & 7th

    Awaken to your true nature as Awareness and expand your tracking skills as we learn to gather and retrieve soul pieces from the Upper, Middle, and Lower Realms.

    Module 7: Dark Forces 2, Trauma, and Sexuality

    Dates: August 3rd & 4th

    We’ll learn to work with the underworld and how to work with the dynamics of soul capturing.

    Module 8: Healer Heal Thyself

    Dates: September 1st & 2nd

    Learn how to meet and unravel your own emotional wounding and how to help your clients release deeper wounds and blocks.

    Module 9: Relationships

    Dates: October 5th & 6th

    Relationships help to show us where we are stuck and help us to wake from our deepest wounding. Learn to track and release the patterns of wounding showing up in your familial, romantic and ancestral relationships.

    Module 10: Self-Mastery + Practitioner Skills

    November 2nd & 3rd

    Accelerate your practitioner development by learning about your blind spots, hone your tracking abilities and learn to work with groups.

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