The Foundations Certification Training Program

Master the Fundamentals of Energy Medicine

Master the ins and outs of energy medicine with Chris Williams during the online fundamentals of energy medicine training. This is a condensed and more potent training that takes 6 months online.  

Class time will be spent diving deep into the teachings and knowledge, where you will learn the finer details of Spiritual Acceleration’s energy medicine clearing techniques and teachings. During these trainings we will explore deep, core issues, why they happen, and how to unravel them. As you go through your own unraveling process, you will have the opportunity to connect more deeply with your inner knowing and healing capacity.

In the Foundations course you will be able to apply what was learned in the Intuitive You and Awaken the Shaman, to combine your intuition and shamanic abilities to perfect your tracking and clearing of frequencies, entities, and traumas. Please note that Intuitive You or Awaken the Shaman is not a pre-requisite for the Foundations course. What is required to take this course is a clear understanding of your psychic abilities. Along with some experience in energy healing – particularly sensing, moving and tracking energy. 

Get hands on support from a Certified Accelerator

The course will also include time every month dedicated to practicing in PODs with your peers and one of our Certified Accelerators.  PODs meet twice a month in addition to weekend lecture for an hour an a half.  PODS allow you to practice your tracking skills, give and receive clearings, and deeply unravel core wounds and patterns in an intimate group setting. From this one-on-one feedback and experience, you will dramatically increase your healing abilities and learn how to apply these abilities to a client, practitioner relationship.

Receive multi-level frequency transmissions

During her teachings, Bonnie transmits multi-level frequencies into her students. She does this by journeying with her students into other realms, dimensions, and levels. Often the student will go through an initiation(s), after which the student will be able to effectively track nuance and details in those energies and frequencies as well as transmute, transform, and unwanted frequencies.

Once students receive these transmissions, the student is connected to that source of energy and can then walk effectively through any and all realms of existence and permanently change, shift, release, and transform energy.

Walk The Shamanic Path

Bonnie is a special type of shamanic being who has evolved through her discoveries, direct experiences, and spiritual initiations in this lifetime and in other lifetimes.  Her students are walking a spiritual path- a shamanic path that Bonnie guides them through with the wisdom that comes directly through her. 

Join Bonnie on this path of Awakening, be prepared to shift lifetimes of trauma, unravel your core wounds, and increase your capacity to heal yourself and others at the deepest of levels!

The Benefits:

  • Learn to move and clear energy for yourself and others
  • Receive multi-level transmissions from Bonnie
  • Experience a powerful release of energy that may be holding you back
  • Be cleared by Spiritual Acceleration Master teacher Bonnie Serratore
  • Release stuck emotional trauma with positive group ready to support you
  • Empower yourself with cutting edge Spiritual Acceleration techniques

What’s Included:

  • Student workbook
  • Recorded training sessions available in your member’s area.
  • Hands-on instruction, practice, and support from Bonnie Serratore.
  • Private closed Facebook Group to connect with your cohorts and build community!
  • Bi-weekly POD trainings with a Certified Accelerator team member with focused and intense skills development and practice.

Your Teacher

Chris Williams

Chris Williams is a meticulous and proficient energy healer, who has been dedicated to the path of higher-level energy medicine for the past decade. Chris has been working with Bonnie since 2014, and practicing and teaching on the team since Fall 2018. Chris is passionate about helping his students expand their own abilities to learn, develop and explore within the astral worlds. His deep familiarity and experience in navigating different planes of consciousness make him uniquely suited in guiding you safely and deeply both into yourself and into the world of the Shaman. He delights in injecting a sense of fun and play into these profound explorations into the cosmos, and helps guide you in anchoring expanded states of Being into your everyday consciousness.

What Are People Saying!

What will you learn?

Spiritual Accelerator Training and Certification Program

This is an intensive program that will require your 6 month commitment to your Soul’s evolution and awakening.  This program is for students ready to fly high, play big, and go all out 100%. Be prepared to meet at least twice a month for PODs to continue to develop and practice your skills and techniques.

Each module will focus on a different aspect of the human subconscious. These trainings are all about claiming sovereignty of your body and releasing any unseen energy that does not belong to you, back home. Please refer to the curriculum below for details.

After you complete this program, you become eligible for the Spiritual Accelerator Training Certification of Completion! Additionally, you can start on our Mastery Path, with the opportunity to become an apprentice and start paving your way to becoming an SA Team member, or teacher.

The Curriculum & Schedule

 Certification Program

Each month we cover a different segments broken into 6 modules.  Each class consists of didactic lectures, demonstrations and hands on practice with your cohort and a dedicated Accelerator assisting you to integrate the teachings. This is a focused weekend where we will meet from 9:00am to 2:00pm MT (or 3:00pm to 10:00pm GMT) honing in on these essential and fundamental techniques.  There will be several breaks throughout the day, along with a half-hour for a lunch-break. Classes are recorded and available to you throughout the duration of the program.

Module 1: Spirit Liberation

Date: Saturday, September 2nd & 3rd, 2022

Facilitator(s): Chris William

Topics Covered:

  • Working with The Dead
  • Emotions and Entities
  • The Affects of Entities Interference

Module 2: Clearing The Life Stream

Date: Saturday, October 1st & 2nd, 2022

Facilitator(s): Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

  • Clearing The Life-Stream And Life Times
  • Energetic Traumas And Shock
  • Emotional Traumas
  • Energetic Bindings

Module 3: Inter-Dimensional Interference

Date:  Saturday, November 5th & 6th, 2022

Facilitator(s): Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

  • Alien Interferences, Beings, And Implants
  • Other Interfering Energetic Creatures And Beings
  • Spiders And Other Spirit Beings
  • The Perpetrator

Module 4: Soul and Essence Retrieval

Date:  Saturday, December 3rd & 4th, 2022

Facilitator(s): Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

  • Advanced: Working With The Light
  • Expanding The Alternate Awareness
  • Preparation For Altering Awareness
  • Soul Retrieving

Module 5: Dark Side of the Light

Date: Saturday, January 7th & 8th, 2023

Facilitator(s):  Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction Of The Dark Light Forces
  • Our Dark Past
  • Tools Of The Dark Forces
  • Energetic Bindings

Module 6: Healer Heal Thyself

Date: Saturday, February 4th & 5th, 2023

Facilitator(s): Chris Williams

Topics Covered:

  • Energetic Healing Of Emotional Body
  • Energetic Healing Of The Physical Body
  • PTSD

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