Quantum Consciousness

With Bonnie Serratore

Bonnie will be LIVE once a month on Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube, where she will be presenting teachings that will assist you in your awakening, leading you to discover the truth of WHO you really are and WHY you’re here!

Find out how you are co-creating your life right now and how you can make changes to create the life you want.

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04/14/23 The Higher Purpose of Intimate Relationship

05/12/23 How Feeling Superior Creates Separation

06/09/23 Feeling Love Arises From Within

07/14/23 Coming Out of the Fog

08/11/23 We Have the Power to Heal

09/08/23 How Do We Know We Are Free

10/13/23 The Path To Inner Freedom

11/10/23 How Repressed Feelings Are Felt By Others

12/08/23 How We Create Our False Self