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Welcome To Awaken The Shaman

When the student is ready | the teacher will appear

Are you ready to awaken to your ability to track and clear energy?

Are you ready

to Awaken to your Shaman?

Are you aware of energy and frequencies yet don’t know how to access and explore them? Do you sense other beings or energies that you would like to understand or learn to work with directly? Do you want to learn how to traverse other dimensions and dissolve, transmute and remove foreign energy?

Discover the power of Spiritual Accelerated Shamanism where we bridge ancient mystery teachings with the New paradigm perspective, teaching you how to move, rearrange and clear the energy in our energetic matrix.

The Benefits:

  • Palpable shift in consciousness
  • Permanently changed from within
  • Enhanced skills and abilities to clear unwanted energy
  • Connection to kindred spirits & community of soul family
  • Empowered with leading edge Spiritual Acceleration techniques

What Will You Learn?

  • Use the breath to move energy
  • Use the Light to clear frequencies
  • Enter and “know” an energy to clear it
  • How to differentiate between frequencies
  • Energy Tracking Principles

Train With The SA Team, LIVE Online!

A weekend introduction to energy healing and the Spiritual Acceleration modality.

This class begins Saturday, May 18th to May 19th from 9:00am – 1:00pm MDT

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Ready to discover the power of Spiritual Accelerated Shamanism?

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Your Teacher

Ania Danecka

Ania is passionate about empowering and supporting students who are ready to explore the mystery and wonders of ancient and new ways of healing, energy tracking and shamanic journeying into other dimensions and realities. She loves supporting them in opening up their intuitive skills, inner gifts, self-awareness and inner transformation in a kind, safe and gentle way. She believes that everyone can glimpse into invisible world and develop shaman way of seeing energy by stretching awareness into quantum reality.

Ania is able to distill esoteric concepts and teachings into a clear, practical information easily accessible for new students and the modern spiritual seekers. She is a lifelong student of energy medicine, old and modern approaches to healing, mysticism and awakening.

Studying with Bonnie Serratore at Spiritual Acceleration has changed Ania’s life and helped her to assimilate the energies of the new paradigm in consciousness as well as to move beyond ancient and new modalities and disciplines, opening pathways into a new experience of being a galactic shaman.
Her professional training includes a First Class Honour Degree in Chinese Medicine and she is Licensed Acupuncturist with advanced training in Japanese Acupuncture and Medical Qi Gong.

In the ATS course, Ania will coach the students to deepen and refine the skills learned at the Intuitive You class by encouraging practical explorations, intuitive development and extensive journeying.  This will provide a solid foundation in preparation for further advanced SA trainings.

Your Teacher

Chris Williams

Chris is passionate about helping his students expand their own abilities to learn, develop and explore within the astral worlds. His deep familiarity and experience in navigating different planes of consciousness make him uniquely suited in guiding you safely and deeply both into yourself and into the world of the Shaman. He delights in injecting a sense of fun and play into these profound explorations into the cosmos, and helps guide you in anchoring expanded states of Being into your everyday consciousness.

Chris has been developing his expertise at Spiritual Acceleration for the past two years. His engagement with Chinese Medicine and Cultivation for the past nine years has provided a grounded foundation for this higher level energy work. From his experience of training in spiritual arts from different cultures, Chris has a gift for bridging esoteric maps of reality into a tangible sense of how to work with yourself and others on the mystical path.

In addition to his training as an acupuncturist, Chris is actively involved in the Buddhist and Daoist healing arts and lineages from Emei Mountain, and the Complete Reality School of Daoism. These traditions have given him a deep understanding of the human energy system and its relationship to consciousness, and inform his guidance on how to embody a vast awareness of subtle realms into the physicality of the body

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