Is there a Shaman in You?


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Do you sense other beings or energies that you would like to understand or learn to work with directly?

Do you want to learn how to traverse other dimensions and dissolve, transmute and remove foreign energy?
Discover the power of Spiritual Accelerated Shamanism where we bridge ancient mystery teachings with the New paradigm perspective, teaching you how to move, rearrange and clear the energy in our energetic matrix.

The Benefits

  • Palpable shift in consciousness
  • Permanently changed from within
  • Enhanced skills and abilities to clear unwanted energy
  • Connection to kindred spirits & community of soul family
  • Empowered with leading edge Spiritual Acceleration techniques

What will you learn?

  • Use the breath to move energy
  • Use the Light to clear frequencies
  • Enter and “know” an energy to clear it
  • How to differentiate between frequencies
  • Energy Tracking Principles

What's included?

  • Monthly PODs to practice with your cohort
  • A student workbook with all the exercises
  • A recording of all your sessions!
  • Support from your instructors to help you hone in on your skills
  • Private FB group for additional community and support