Saroja S. Nimmagadda (Rosie)

Certified Accelerator

Hello, I’m Saroja Nimmagadda, but you can call me Rosie. I channel my passion for transformation, healing, and creativity. With a deep love for my work, I specialize in private sessions focusing on topics like neurodiversity and the autism spectrum, a cause very close to my heart. 

As a mother to a nonverbal autistic son, I understand the challenges intimately. My sessions address issues ranging from language impairments to sensory challenges, welcoming individuals of all ages and severities on the spectrum, as well as sessions for neurotypical family members.

My dedication continues with exploring other critical topics in my sessions such as:

  • obesity
  • racism and prejudice
  • disabilities, mental and physical
  • gaslighting
  • bullying
  • abuse, physical and emotional
  • cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s

What sets my practice apart is my passion for eradicating dark energies. I offer these forces a choice—to embrace light over cruelty, bringing love where negativity once resided. Implants, whether emotional or alien, are another focus of my expertise, especially prevalent in those with autism

With thoroughness and skill, I remove these barriers, aiming to unleash creative flow and balance in my clients, especially those on the autism spectrum. Together, let’s illuminate the path to healing and transformations!

Saroja Assists With The Following:

  • Going into the well of grief and clearing deep core emotions

  • Tracking and clearing discarnates, implants in the body, and dark force energies

  • Clearing soul contracts, vows, promises and agreements

  • Tracking and clearing hooks, cords, attachments

  • Clearing blockages from the body (emotional, energetic, galactic)

  • Modern shamanic energy work

  • Soul retrieval

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