Saroja S. Nimmagadda (Rosie)

Certified Accelerator

Growing up, Rosie didn’t think much about healing or becoming a healer. It didn’t occur to her until decades later when she discovered Spiritual Acceleration and Bonnie Serratore that she’d lived many past lives with many different experiences. Whether these experiences were good, bad, or in between, they were all important for her soul’s evolution and liberation.

She began her healing journey over six years ago when she was desperate for relief from depression and anxiety. Free reiki videos would help her temporarily, until she was able to leave an abusive marriage and take full responsibility for her life.

It was a Spiritual Acceleration meditation on protecting oneself from unwanted energies that awoke something within her—an inner knowing. This knowing led her to group clearings and the transformation that they offer.

The more she listened to Bonnie, the more intrigued she became. She took the Foundations Training 2020 and discovered her innate tracking and energy moving abilities. It felt like she was in the right place, at last.

Now three years later, Rosie is full of excitement and joy to be part of the Spiritual Acceleration team as an Accelerator. She is dedicated and passionate about helping others with emotional, physical, mental or spiritual problems. Rosie aims to be thorough, kind, and to assist others in shining their inner light.

Rosie is committed to a lifetime of growth and learning on her path of healing herself and others. She is here to help clients embrace their true love and light. She is a mom of two beloved children, Narayan and Nikita. She loves listening to music, reading, and cultivating creativity, with hopes to explore ballroom dancing in the near future.

Connect with Rosie and together you can unravel what’s no longer serving you.

Saroja Assists With The Following:

  • Going into the well of grief and clearing deep core emotions

  • Tracking and clearing discarnates, implants in the body, and dark force energies

  • Clearing soul contracts, vows, promises and agreements

  • Tracking and clearing hooks, cords, attachments

  • Clearing blockages from the body (emotional, energetic, galactic)

  • Modern shamanic energy work

  • Soul retrieval

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