Tina Von Schachtmeyer

Certified Accelerator

Tina von Schachtmeyer has 27 years of experience working with energy and light. In her youth there were no answers to fulfill the depth of her longing. This was the beginning of her path of transformation.

The journey to your true self is always an adventure, rarely comfortable, and never painless. But if you have the courage to follow it, the rewards are priceless.

Each path is unique and incomparable, thus having support can bring significant shifts. Tina assists you with her light, special abilities, and by sharing a different perspective, which offers clarity and insight into your current challenges.

Though Tina can dive into the depths, she also knows how to laugh and enjoy living. In her free time, she loves to sing and write songs.

Tina lives in Austria and can do clearing sessions in English and German.

It’s time to feel the warm embrace of LOVE, LAUGH often, shine your LIGHT, and be the GIFT that you innately are!

Tina Assists With The Following:

  •  Emotional clearing
  • Clearing interferences and blockages
  • Family issues
  • Clearing relationships
  • Clearing ancestral and family lineages – Releasing old patterns
  • Physical issues
  • Reconnecting with Source and yourself – Soul retrieval
  • Past lives
  • Entity removal
  • Dark force interference

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