Chris Williams

Chris is an acupuncturist and musician, who began walking the healing path while facing his own challenges with depression and anxiety as a young man.

Chris found Bonnie Serratore’s multi-dimensional approach to transforming emotional and energetic patterns of suffering to be the most powerful and profound form of healing that he has encountered.

As his own liberation deepened, it became natural for him to share this powerful work with others. Chris allows the spacious presence of his energy body to hold his patients in a calm and safe space while using higher dimensional frequencies to light up and transform that which is holding them back from their true, radiant nature of their being.

Chris Assists With The Following:

  • Reconciliation With Our Shadow Aspects

  • Releasing Anxiety and Fear

  • Loss of Self

  • Learning to Embrace the Unknown

  • Clearing grief and sadness

Chris previously ran a music program with the charity Mayday Trust to offer people experiencing homelessness an avenue for creative expression.

His musical training informs the way he psychically perceives and manipulates the subtle energies of the human energy system.

In addition to his training with Bonnie Serratore and the team at Spiritual Acceleration, Chris has studied with Several Daoist and Buddhist teachers, and trained as an Acupuncturist at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in the UK.’

“It is truly possible to release and dissolve our deepest pain and wounding. In our sessions together, I will facilitate the energetic release of your emotional suffering, while also holding the space for you to let go. As we clear old trauma, suffering and perceptions from your energy-body, you will experience more of your own unique creator essence, coming home to the truth of who you are.”

~ Chris

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