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Intuitive You

Awaken The Psychic Within

Facilitated by

Eva Fernandez, Certified Accelerator

This class is recommended for those who wish to understand their intuitive gifts, psychic abilities, deepen their connection to Spirit and ability to move energy.

Everyone has the capacity to sense energy. In this class we will assist you in recognizing your own unique way of sensing and moving energy.

You will learn how to focus your attention and enhance your abilities to fine tune your intuition. By receive empowering tools to hone in your psychic abilities, your personal and professional life will flourish.  We invite you to open yourself to the energetic world and Awaken The Psychic within.

Everyone has intuitive psychic abilities!
Are you aware of yours?

Do you realize you have an intuitive gift,
but are not sure how to use it?

Have you heard the terms empath, clairvoyant, seer, or sensitive,
and just don’t know where you fit in?

Do you feel and see energy
but don’t quite have the confidence to jump into the Awaken the Shaman or Foundations Training?

Your Teacher

Eva Fernandez

Eva Fernandez is an intuitive & spiritual coach. She empowers others to live boldly, authentically and inspires her clients and students to show up in life from a grounded center. She teaches people how embody their innate and intuitive inner guidance with kindness, take action on what they know in their gut, and uncover their innate talents so that they can share them with the world.

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What will you learn?

Module 1: Intuitive You

The first week is completely dedicated to honing in on YOU, and pinning down precisely what’s holding you back from connecting with your inner wisdom and knowing. We will be focusing on discerning the multitude of internal and external influences that impede or block your intuition.

Topics covered:

  • Intuition vs Thinking
  • What are the intuitive Clairs?
  • Which one are your using?
  • Empaths – energy projected forward or backwards
  • Tools to enhance and develop intuition
  • Group clearing to removing any blocks keeping you from re-awakening your intuition and gifts.

Module 2: Psychic Pathways

Now that you understand more about your unique way of sensing energy, In week two, we will start to dive into the different psychic pathways. We will learn how to distinguish between the different energies and nuances while being centered and grounded within your body.

Topics covered:

  • What are psychic abilities?
  • Centering & Grounding
  • Clarity & Focus – identifying if an energy is yours
  • Being in the body
  • Identifying what energies are in your field
  • Psychic tools

Module 3: Journey Through The Chakras

Week three we begin our journey through the chakras. We will spend time exploring the functions of the chakras, sensing subtle energies, and learning to balance and keep chakras in alignment.

Topics covered:

  • What are chakras and how does it affect your intuitive abilities?
  • How to sense and cleanse your chakras
  • How to balance and align your chakras

Module 4: Exploring your Auric System

In week four we will start to define your inner and your outer energetic space. We will explore your auric system and how it interacts with your environment and with other people. In addition you will learn how to cleanse and maintain healthy auric field.

Topics covered:

  • What is the auric field?
  • How to work with your Aura
  • How to sense others Aura in your field
  • Cleansing your own auric field

Module 5: Owning your Energy

Week five you will start to learn how to own and reclaim your energetic space. You will start to clear out unwanted energies from your field and get in touch with the way your energy interacts with your outer world. Claiming sovereignty over ourselves will also help us create better boundaries

Topics covered:

  • Clearing blockages to owning one’s space
  • Clearing low vibrations from your field
  • Claiming your body
  • Meditations

Module 6: Working With The Light

In week six we will begin to work with source light and how it assists and guides you. We will connect with higher level frequencies,  guides and work with light to assist in your Soul’s evolution and ultimate liberation.

Topics covered

  • How to work with the light
  • Understanding the spectrum of the light
  • How to crate personal energetic spaces
  • Manifesting with Source light
  • Clearing blockages to working with the light
  • Identifying different energy beings,
  • Creating energetic spaces for energy work
  • Meditation to connect to higher guidance

Our Students Share Their Experience

The Benefits

  • Experience powerful releases of energy that is blocking your intuitive skills
  • Learn to identify energies around you and within you
  • Learn powerful ways to center, ground, and protect yourself
  • Identify and clear your energy centers – Chakras and Aura
  • Establish a connection with higher guidance such as source, guides, and angels
  • Learn to identify and read the energy of those around you
  • Study in an intimate setting with a small group of like-minded students
  • Release stuck trauma with a positive group of Kindred Spirits ready to support you

Eva is a force to be reckoned with! I am so thankful that she has been a constant in my life, helping me reclaim my power. It’s only been 1 year and I have already seen tremendous improvement in my life, both personally and professionally. Eva is an incredible healer and coach. She has helped me see that the hard work, dedication, focus, and self-love.

Cindy L.

Eva is a guiding light in my life. I came to see her during a time in my life where I felt lost and unwell. I've learned to love myself and be compassionate with myself as we work through years of pain and trauma.Through her intuitive coaching and energy healing, I've learned that healing happens when there is vulnerability and acceptance of pain. Thanks to Eva's generosity, empathy, and understanding, I am a better person.