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Awaken The Psychic Within

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With Sarah Ellingworth, Certified Lead Accelerator

Every Saturday, July 15th to August 19th, from 1 PM to 2:30 PM PST


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New and Improved Course Content!

Intuitive You course content has been redesigned with new information, meditations, clearings, and activities to develop, enhance and expand your innate psychic and intuitive capabilities.

This class is recommended for those who wish to understand their intuitive gifts, psychic abilities, and deepen their connection to Spirit and ability to move energy.

Everyone has the capacity to sense energy. In this class, we will assist you in recognizing your own unique way of sensing and moving energy.

Whether you are just starting to explore or would like support in elevating your current skill set to the next level, everyone can benefit from Intuitive You. It is also perfect for assessing where your current skill level is at if you are trying to decide which Spiritual Acceleration course or training to undertake next or if you doubt your readiness. Intuitive You with Sarah with develop your intuitive confidence and elevate your personal power.

Intuitive You is an inclusive and supportive learning container to develop the understanding and true definition of what intuition is, where it comes from, and how we can access more of it. Throughout this 6-week course we will learn that our whole being is an intuitive receptor that is constantly receiving information, we develop our sensitivity to subtle energy, our ability to read and interpret information through energetic frequencies, learn discernment and receive many clearings and healings to remove blocks and limitations that are interfering with us accessing our natural intuitive and psychic skills and capabilities.

Intuitive You is a highly interactive course where you will learn new tools and recourses that will continue to serve you for many years on your path to self-mastery and spiritual liberation.

Find out what is blocking you from fully connecting to your innate wisdom and intuitive capabilities and receive powerful group clearings with Sarah to remove blocks, interference and trauma that are preventing you from owning your intuitive and psychic skills.

We invite you to open yourself to the energetic world and Awaken The Psychic within.

Everyone has intuitive psychic abilities!
Are you aware of yours?

Do you realize you have an intuitive gift,
but are not sure how to use it?

Have you heard the terms empath, clairvoyant, seer, or sensitive,
and just don’t know where you fit in?

Do you feel and see energy
but don’t quite have the confidence to jump into the Awaken the Shaman or Foundations Training?

Your Teacher

Sarah Ellingworth, Certified Lead Accelerator

Sarah Ellingworth is a powerful psychic healer and spiritual mentor who supports and nurtures students and clients to reclaim their sovereign divinity, own their true power and embrace self-responsibility as they grow in their spiritual maturity and soul expansion. Sarah is highly developed in the death and rebirth process of healing, supporting and guiding others to release the hold of fear, ego, conditioning, programming, and survival consciousness, enabling them to move further and deeper into soul connection, integration of source light, trusting in themselves and the divine and accessing their own profound wisdom and higher intelligence.

Allow Sarah to guide you through understanding your resistances, fears and doubt surrounding your natural intuitive abilities and breakthrough old barriers and limitations empowering you to step into your divine power as the intuitive and psychic being that you already are.

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What will you learn?

Module 1: Intuitive You

The first week is completely dedicated to honing in on YOU, and pinning down precisely what’s holding you back from connecting with your inner wisdom and knowing. We will be focusing on discerning the multitude of internal and external influences that impede or block your intuition.

Topics covered:

  • You whole being is an intuitive receptor
  • What are the intuitive Clairs?
  • Find out what your intuitive strengths are and how to harness them
  • Hidden teachings revealed on the chakral system and energy
  • Tools to enhance and develop your intuition
  • Receive a powerful group clearing to removing blocks and
    interference preventing you from access your innate intuitive and psychic

Module 2: Finding Your Power

Now that you understand more about your unique way of sensing energy, In week two, we will start to dive into the different psychic pathways. We will learn how to distinguish between the different energies and nuances while being centered and grounded within your body.

Topics covered:

  • Learn to Centre, Ground and Strengthen your energy body to open,
    activate and enhance your intuition
  • Past Life exploration and healing of your relationship with intuition
    – includes group clearing & removal of past life trauma
  • Learn new psychic tools and activities to practice developing your
    intuition in everyday life
  • Learn the power of meditation and fast track the awakening of your
    psychic abilities

Module 3: Journey Through The Chakras

Week three we begin our journey through the chakras. We will spend time exploring the functions of the chakras, sensing subtle energies, and learning to balance and keep chakras in alignment.

Topics covered:

  • A deeper exploration of the Chakras and how they contribute to
    your intuitive abilities
  • How to sensitize, activate and cleanse your chakras
  • Learn to balance and align your chakras and energy bodies
  • Develop your ability to read and move energy
  • Sensitivity and boundaries with your energy and others
  • Receive a deep clearing and activation of the energy centres to
    enhance your intuition

Module 4: Other Dimensions & Protection

In week four we will start to define your inner and your outer energetic space. We will explore your auric system and how it interacts with your environment and with other people. In addition you will learn how to cleanse and maintain healthy auric field.

Topics covered:

  • Astral travel
  • Receiving messages through Dreams
  • Psychic protection
  • Learn techniques and tools for cleansing and protection
  • Empaths – release the vow of self-sacrifice including group clearing
  • Cleansing your own auric field

Module 5: Communication

Week five you will start to learn how to own and reclaim your energetic space. You will start to clear out unwanted energies from your field and get in touch with the way your energy interacts with your outer world. Claiming sovereignty over ourselves will also help us create better boundaries

Topics covered:

  • Explore and learn new psychic tools to read and interpret
    information and energy
  • Clear low vibrational energy and learn how to enter a state of
    neutrality to enhance your clarity and focus
  • Learn to communicate with higher beings from other dimensions
  • Using discernment when reading energy
  • Intuition vs Thinking

Module 6: Working With The Light

In week six we will begin to work with source light and how it assists and guides you. We will connect with higher level frequencies,  guides and work with light to assist in your Soul’s evolution and ultimate liberation.

Topics covered

  • Learn to connect with Source light
  • Receive group clearing on internal and external blockages
    preventing connection to source light
  • Activation of the Crown and Heart Chakras to enhance and elevate
    intuitive and psychic faculties
  • Connecting to your Higher self, God Self, Supra Consciousness
  • How to become more powerful in reading and clearing energy

Our Students Share Their Experience

The Benefits

  • Experience powerful releases of energy that is blocking your intuitive skills
  • Learn to identify energies around you and within you
  • Learn powerful ways to centre, ground, and protect yourself
  • Identify and clear your energy centers – Chakras and Aura
  • Establish a connection with higher guidance such as source, guides, and angels
  • Learn to identify and read the energy of those around you
  • Study in an intimate setting with a small group of like-minded students
  • Release stuck trauma with a positive group of Kindred Spirits ready to support you
  • Every class receive clearings and activations and tools to open and awaken your natural
    psychic abilities

I have had the pleasure of working with Sarah from a healing perspective for some years now. Her pinpoint accuracy is phenomenal and each session I have had with her, I have learnt something new and riveting about myself. All of it is so relevant to what is going on in my present existence.


As soon as Sarah tuned in to the issues I identified around communication and being short tempered, I was stunned, amazed, at how accurate she was in the initial diagnosis with little to no background info to work with! Sarah continues to impress with her ability to heal, accuracy to ask some confronting questions and I am comfortable in giving her honest in depth answers, which surprises me. I have a lot of trust in her.


Because of Sarah’s strength as a healer and teacher, there is a really strong connection with the group and the classes themselves are very powerful.

Kylie P.

Working with Sarah is worth every penny! She creates a very nurturing atmosphere and safe environment for our classes. She intuitively knows how to guide us through meditations and activities for our greatest benefit. She is passionate about her own spiritual development as well as ours and responds to all questions in a very insightful, caring and supportive manner. With her guidance I have been able to go very deep into my growth and more recently, I am finally experiencing what was previously just theory and I notice very welcome changes in me! It is so reassuring to know that you are leading the way Sarah, showing me that ascending into higher consciousness is closer (and maybe even easier) than I dare to think. Even though we meet online, I can strongly feel Sarah’s presence and how at one she is with the healing energies she invokes and transmits to us through her voice and her whole being. Always exactly what is needed and a very powerful, uplifting experience.


Sarah explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. Sarah was very compassionate in listening to me and what my needs were, I felt heard and understood. Sarah helped me shift my mindset to a more positive headspace, helping me to let go of the stress, frustration and resentment I was feeling.

With Sarah’s guidance I learnt how to breathe deeply which put me into a deep meditative state at which point I experienced things I had never felt or seen before. It was the first time I had done meditation or anything like it. I intuitively saw colours, shapes, animals and objects which had never happened to me before. It was a lovely experience and very validating that something was happening.

I have really enjoyed working with Sarah. Prior to this, I had an appreciation for energy healing but never really understood its true value or benefit until I experienced it myself. Sarah’s work has a powerful effect but it is very calming and soothing to experience. I highly recommend Sarah for energy healing, guidance and support for any issue or even for general health, wellbeing or development.

Dianna M.