Discovering Your True Purpose

MasterClass Series IV

Objective: To illuminate what one’s true life purpose is and how to live in that state of being

  • Develop a more profound connection to your heart’s desires
  • Clear false beliefs and unhealed trauma
  • Uncover a clearer sense of what ignites your joy, excitement and passion
  • Feel more accepted for exactly who you are, by yourself and others

Discovering Your True Purpose

MasterClass IV:  Summary


Discovering Your True Purpose MasterClass series focuses on revealing what a true purpose really is versus what is commonly thought of as one’s true purpose. Most of us have felt disconnected from our jobs or felt that we have a hidden gift we are meant to share with the world. We have taken workshops, meditated, made supplications to a higher power in hopes that what we are meant to do will be revealed to us, feeling as if we’re lacking until this vocation is known.


Our true purpose is not to do anything. Our true purpose is to be ourselves- authentically, fully, unabashedly ourselves. The key to illuminating who we truly are is to fully open our hearts. When we connect with our world with an open heart, relationships improve, opportunities arise, and we are guided to do what we love, creating an incredibly fulfilling life as never felt before.

Masterclass Structure & Format

  • The Masterclass series is a self-paced program of pre-recorded classes that will be made available to you via the Member’s Site.
  • You will receive access to each new module’s video weekly.
  • Students will receive a workbook every week for further reflection and exploration of the topics.
  • Students will have weekly practices that also include reading additional materials, meditation practices, etc.

What’s Included In The Class?

  • Weekly recorded videos for you to review in your Vault Library
  • Pre-recorded group clearings
  • Demos
  • A student workbook for each module

Masterclass Curriculum

Module 1: Your True Purpose

Module 2: Triggers, Reactions and Misperceptions

Module 3: Beliefs

Module 4: Everything Is About You

Module 5: The ISness As It Is

Module 6: Change Your Life, Change The World

Discovering Your True Purpose | Module 1

Your True Purpose

The absolute true purpose of every human being is to live the authentic truth of who you are. What is in the way of us doing so are our woundings, misperceptions of reality, false beliefs, and trauma carried over from previous lifetimes. This allows for greater confidence and freedom to be exactly who we are, with hearts that have unconditional love flowing for ourselves and the world around us. 

A crucial first step is the recognition that our ego is there for our survival only. It is not in place to guide us to choices toward our highest divinity. While the dissipation of our ego is often uncomfortable and sometimes painful, on the other side of this is an open heart and connection to your higher selves. From here, you live in the consciousness that All is Well. In this place, you are not afraid to speak your truth or live in the full authenticity of who you are. You’ll hear your heart’s desires clearly and be able to feel when something lights you up so that now on purpose, you are living your purpose.

What To Expect:

  • A deeper understanding of what is meant by one’s ‘true purpose’
  • Ease in loving yourself and others
  • More confidence and comfort in moving about your world as your authentic self
  • Ability to recognize when something ignites your passion and peaks your interest
  • Discernment between what is true and correct for you and what is not


  • Feel more at ease with your heart open
  • Improved relationships with friends, family and colleagues
  • Better able to pursue your life goals and passions
  • Less reactive to world events
  • Acceptance of love from others and from yourself
Discovering Your True Purpose| Module 2

Triggers, Reactions and Misperceptions

Everyone, without exception, has emotional wounds that have been carried over from past lives. This is because we had a misperception of how or why a traumatic experience happened and drew false conclusions from that misperception that were then carried into our present lives. If we are unable to fully process an experience in the moment, its emotional frequency becomes lodged in our bodies, setting us in a vicious cycle of gathering evidence which confirms long-held false beliefs. This leads us to continually attract scenarios in which the original wound gets triggered. Rinse and repeat until…we wake up to taking responsibility for our healing and begin to use our triggers as the divine gift to our freedom that they are. When we become conscious of our reactions to triggers, we can unravel and release our trauma at its core.

What To Expect:

  • Awareness that triggers are your gift to emotional freedom
  • Recognize your reactions to triggers
  • Identify the emotion underneath your reaction
  • Learn how to use your reactions to release woundings at their core


  • Become more comfortable with your reactions as tools of healing
  • Live free from victim consciousness 
  • Find more peace in your relationships as you begin to take the blame for your triggers off of others
  • Experience more self-love and self-acceptance
  • Stay centered and present in the moment, even when triggered
Discovering Your True Purpose| Module 3


We carry layer upon layer of beliefs from a multitude of past lives, as well as our present. So much so that many beliefs go unquestioned, and some even unrecognizable as not originating from our own inner knowing. This is inevitable, as we began integrating information in our current lives as to who we are as early as when we are in our mothers’ wombs. Our parents and extended family are all we know as young children and so their beliefs are absorbed without question as the correct way of thinking and behaving. 

When we endeavor to cut through the fog of blind belief, we begin to question where our beliefs come from and if they are an absolute Truth. We start to recognize that our beliefs were formed by conclusions created from an emotionally reactive place, not pure consciousness. Starting from this space, we are able to free ourselves from the filters and bindings that have only served to disconnect us from our higher knowing and our authentic expression of the Divine Being of Pure Love and Light that we truly are.

What To Expect:

  • Become aware of your own higher guidance
  • Uncover the aspects of your authentic self that were hidden away or shamed 
  • Discover what is true for you and what was handed down to you as a belief
  • Learn how to let go beliefs to heal wounds at their core


  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are 
  • Begin recognizing when you are reacting from a false belief
  • Dismantle beliefs that are not in alignment with your highest truth 
  • Find more joy in life as you begin to live in your truth
  • Experience more self-love and less worry about what others think of you 
  • Ease in practicing connecting to your higher guidance
Discovering Your True Purpose | Module 4

Everything Is About You

Anytime you are having a reaction, positive or negative, it is your own wounds that are being lit up. While we can sympathize with someone’s story of plight or acknowledge the gravity of a natural disaster, if we are having an emotional reaction, we are feeling our own trauma.

With this in mind, we can use our emotional reactions as a gateway to our healing and freedom from long-held emotional wounds. This is the gift of accepting that everything, meaning your reactions, is about you. As we become diligent witnesses to when and why we are reacting to certain situations, we can follow that reactive thread to the core of the wound, unwind it completely, and be free of it.

What To Expect:

  • Understand that you can only feel your own emotions
  • Become aware of your reactions as a tool for healing
  • Discover exactly who you are and accept yourself wholeheartedly
  • Learn how to stay centered in your authentic self


  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are 
  • Begin recognizing when you’re moving your own energy away from center or pulling others’ energy in
  • Feel more empowered as you take responsibility for all of your life
  • Accept that all relationships are tools for growth
  • Experience more self-love and self-acceptance
Discovering Your True Purpose | Module 5

The ISness As It Is

We are in the beginning of a major energy shift, the coming of a New Paradigm in which the Light from Source Itself and unconditional love bring a higher vibration than most humans have ever experienced. This light is illuminating and lifting that which has been hidden in the shadows for centuries. It’s the Divine Plan asking us as individuals and as a society to look at and let go of our pain, anger, judgments, hatred, greed, and any other low vibrational beliefs. This light is making it easier to heal more than ever as the path to all of our negativity and trauma can be clearly seen. We are entering an extraordinary period of opportunity to become who we truly are, beings of unconditional love and light. The only thing we need to do is let go and let flow, and as we know, the first step is acknowledging the resistance we have to living in the Isness.



What To Expect:

  • Become aware of hidden judgments and beliefs 
  • Understand that the less you judge, the freer you are
  • Uncover your divinity
  • Discover that the goal is to be happy, not right


  • Begin recognizing when in judgment
  • Dismantle limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Find more peace in your relationships as you begin to allow Life to be as it is
  • Experience more health and vibrancy as your resistance to What Is fades 
  • Stay grounded and peaceful no matter what is going on around you
Discovering Your True Purpose | Module  6

Change Your Life, Change The World

With so much chaos in our world, we may find ourselves in more discomfort than ever before. We may be finding ourselves in the same painful situation time and again, at work, in a romantic relationship, with finances. 

Earthquakes destroying cities, fellow humans brutalizing one another, witnessing a close friend struggle emotionally, we may also feel a gut-wrenching need to save, heal or take control of others as a way to make ourselves feel better. The truth is, we cannot do any of those things for anyone but ourselves, and that knot in your belly? It’s your own trauma getting activated.

There is a way to help yourself, as well as others. The key, as always, is to take it back to yourself. Our subconscious echoes our emotional vibration out to the world in order to attract triggering situations to us as a catalyzation for healing. As we unravel and clear our emotional wounds, more light can enter our bodies and our vibration raises. The clearer we become, the more deeply we can rest in our true divine nature, and this higher vibration will also echo out across the globe. It is from this place, seated within ourselves in a state of pure light and neutrality, that our lives become calmer, unconditional love flows effortlessly, and we are able to spark the same state in others.

What To Expect:

  • Understand how your emotional frequency can affect the world
  • Become aware of your current energetic state of being
  • Uncover your true divine nature 
  • Discover how core emotional clearing can change your reality 
  • Learn how to access the high frequency of Light and unconditional love


  • Gain a deeper understanding of how you can affect positive change in the world
  • Begin recognizing opportunities to clear trauma and negative patterns
  • Freedom from trying to change, save or control others
  • Find greater harmony in relationships as your vibration raises
  • Experience more self-love and less anxiety
  • Become comfortable existing in the frequency of Light and unconditional love

Masterclass Series: Discovering Your True Purpose

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