Group Clearings

A group clearing is a type of energy clean up, lead by Bonnie Serratore and or her team of Accelerators. Her clearings are topic specific and involve clearing out foreign and unwanted energy from our body, life-stream, and energy field.

When participating in a clearing, all that’s required is occasionally Bonnie will have you feel into an emotion related to the topic, then step back and let Bonnie Serratore do the rest of the work.

Group Clearing Calendar

ALL Group Clearings are topic specific and available to attend live online.

Semi-Private Sessions

Semi-Private sessions are small intimate groups of no more than 8 participants, customized to the specific issues of the group, and run for 60-90 minutes.

Following the group clearing, Bonnie will check in with each person and provide a personal clearing on any residue or interferences that may still be lingering, which will also benefit everyone.

The sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded with links provided to each participant after the session so they can download and listen to the clearing as often as they wish.

Semi-Private Sessions Calendar

ALL Semi-Private Sessions are topic specific and available to attend live zoom meeting.

After one month of daily video clearings, I have experienced new freedoms and change in many areas of my life. I feel lighter in regards to the physical burden that I carry with me as well as reintegrating the radiant light aspects of myself. I’m very grateful and would recommend Bonnie’s video clearings to anyone!


When Bonnie lived in California, I did a number of workshops and private sessions with her. I would go so far as to say, she saved my emotional life. While listening in the other night to the group clearing, I was very impressed by what transpired. I am grateful for Bonnie and the work that she does. If you haven't yet attended, I highly recommend it. Your higher self will thank you!

Jan LincolnCalifornia

I found the brief time I was accessing and utilizing the videos from the library to be profoundly helpful! Its some of the best work I have experienced and would love to participate more. Much gratitude for Bonnie and her team, the work they are doing is changing the world, one soul at a time.

Naomi Lang