The Unconscious Mind

MasterClass Series II

Objective: To illuminate unconscious patterns in order to create our lives more consciously.

  • Uncover and understand your patterns and programming 
  • Clear and unravel ancestral lineage
  • Release and embrace hidden desires
  • Heal past lives that continue to influence your present incarnation

The Unconscious Mind

MasterClass II:  Summary

Firstly, we need to remember that as a Soul evolving, we want to have as many experiences as we can in order to Know thyself, and, to know Creation/God.

When we clear our fears of survival around us, our world boldly turns around.

In this MasterClass, Bonnie takes a deep dive into the unconscious mind and how we carry energetic imprints, ancestral thoughts, karma, beliefs, that continue to influence in your present incarnation. In this new series you will become aware of your patterns of programming and discover how past lives and present anxieties bring up your instinctual defense mechanisms of the reptile brain. Discover how to clear these fears and shatter the beliefs and lack mentality that holds you back and burst forth with a freshly renewed life.

Masterclass Structure & Format

  • Masterclass series pre-recorded classes. Available to you on your members’ site. 
  • You will receive each module week by week.
  • Students will receive a workbook/sheet for every week for further reflection and exploration of the topics. 
  • Students will have weekly practices, not limited to reading additional materials, meditation practices, etc,.

What’s Included In The Class?

  • Weekly recorded videos for you to review in your Vault Library
  • Group clearings
  • Demos
  • Student workbook

Masterclass Curriculum

  • Module 1: The Reptilian Brain: Patterns & Programming
  • Module 2: Ancestral Lineage
  • Module 3: Desires
  • Module 4: Lives In-between
  • Module 5: Self-Sabotage
  • Module 6: Dark Projections
The Unconscious Mind | Module 1

The Reptilian Brain: Patterns and Programs 

When we clear our fears of survival around us, our world boldly turns around. In this module you will become aware of your patterns of programming and discover how past lives and present anxieties bring up your instinctual defense mechanisms of the reptile brain. Discover how to clear these fears and shatter the beliefs and lack mentality that holds you back and burst forth with a freshly renewed life

What To Expect:

  • Unraveling the unconscious mind and the reptilian brain
  • Bring to surface deep-seated programming, beliefs and conclusions
  • Clear unconscious beliefs, thoughts, behavior that keep you in the fight or flight mode
  • Release emotional trauma lodged into the recess of your mind
  • Clear your self sabotaging
  • Clear the ways you undermine yourself
  • Release and heal your nervous system


  • Reduce the negative influence
  • Find more balance
  • Clear and shatter limiting patterns and beliefs
  • Learn to dissolve thoughtforms and patterns
  • Clear other people’s thoughts
  • More compassion
  • Better understanding
  • More joy & happiness
  • Freer from within
  • Embrace relationships
  • High-level awareness
The Unconscious Mind | Module 2

Ancestral Lineage

Have you inherited health issues, like diabetes or Alzheimer’s? Throughout your lifetime you’ll inherit your family DNA, and throughout your lineage there will be generational trauma, abuse, curses lasting centuries, and a bloodline filled with eons of soul energy. You may believe you deserve these ailments. However, when curses, spells, and castings occur, they can be stuck in your subconscious and become lodged in your soul imprint. In this module, you’ll discover how to manage the emotional impacting in your life.



What To Expect:

  • Understand inherited health issues
  • Clear generational trauma
  • Release curses, castings, voodoo and more
  • Clarity around which archetypes are dominate in your field
  • Repair your DNA
  • Clear blockages and resistance
  • Unravel deep-seated emotional wounding from the second chakra 
  • Discover your joy and happiness
  • Feel lighter from within
  • A sense of belonging 


  • Clearer thinking
  • Positive direction to move forward
  • A better understanding of your own creations
  • A feeling of passion
  • Feeling more aliveness
  • A sense of peacefulness
  • More relaxed in life
  • A deeper sense of trust
  • Heart Center and Abundance
The Unconscious Mind | Module 3

Unconscious Desires

Where DNA is the nature that forms us as a person, culture is the nurture that also defines our mind’s worldscape. Whether it’s in the form of family rituals, taboos, alternative cultures, or religion, our truest desires often elude the people who covet them the most. In this module, you will learn how to understand your own beliefs and focus on the aspirations that fulfill you.

What To Expect:

  • Release taboo desires anchored into the subconscious that are not yours
  • Heal emotional woundings passed down and imprinted on your soul
  • Release contracts, vows, curses and more


  • Clarity around any illness or dis-ease
  • Taking responsibility for your life
  • Realizing that you are co-creator
  • A sense of empowerment and ownership
  • Feeling more aligned with your purpose
  • Clearer from within
  • More in your body (allowing you to be more present and grounded in your life)
  • More open-hearted (lets people really feel and know who we are)
The Unconscious Mind | Module 4

Lives in-between 

Soul contracts, oversoul/Monad, carrying the energies of, higher self, and corruption of the Soul. When we’re subsiding in the in between, we make contracts based on what we ‘re still trying to unravel in hopes of getting it right this time. Unfortunately, we incarnate and forget all our previous plans. We flail about and in an attempt to connect to our soul family and others. In Module 4, Bonnie will examine what lies beneath the surface of the now. Getting in touch with past lives and echoes from former selves that all go to ultimately make up the true you. Learn to  discover the past connections and how to repair the disconnections between you, and your soul family.

What To Expect:

  • Reduce and clear negative influence from past lives
  • Realizing that you have more unconscious wounding
  • Unraveling beliefs that keep you stuck
  • Reconnect with your soul family
  • Releasing other people’s emotional energy from you
  • Removing discarnate entities that are affecting you
  • Clear any and all imprints carried over from other incarnations



  • A sense of peace within
  • A feeling of being liberated sexually
  • Feeling more empowered around sexuality
  • More creativity
  • Having more fun in general
  • Less fear of judgment
  • Finally feeling secure in who you are
  • Heart feels fuller
  • More of you in your body
  • Deeper intimacy
The UnconsciousMind | Module 5


Often we’ll  find there is more enjoyment in the planning of a change than actually initiating change. When it comes to jumping into action, we begin to doubt ourselves and shift into fear mode. We will start jumping to the “what ifs”, “worse case scenarios” and numerous reasons why change would be bad.

Module 5 will help you stop the self-sabotage and learn to accept success and wealth without shame.

What To Expect:

  • Clear self-sabotaging thoughts, behavior and emotional wounds
  • Clear all agreements, contracts, vows that hold you back from creating the life you desire
  • Release subconscious beliefs inherited from ancestors, parents and cultural influence
  •  Clear discarnate beings 


  • Feeling of liberation
  • Take more action in your life
  • Build self confidence
  • Gain a greater sense of purpose
  • Release doubt, fear, and anxiety
  • The body will be lighter from within
  • A sense of hope, peace & joy
  • Lots of shame will be released
  • No more victims in your energy field
The Unconscious Mind | Module  6

Dark Projections

What’s real and what’s your projection, what are you creating by expecting to see, not owning your thoughts, feelings and desires, deflecting, not owning your darker side of you, (demons, entities, aliens, etc.) For every source of light there is a shadow. While we strive to stay in the sun, our minds will also tend to want to wonder what lurks in the unknown dark. Sometimes our curiosity takes us too far into those deep areas and we find ourselves having a hard time finding the light again. Module 6 deals with shutting down those darker thoughts. Not ignoring them or denying them- they exist, but hauling them into the open, owning them and letting them dissolve in the light.

What To Expect:


  • Get ready to clear your wounding from all time & space
  • Be prepared to discover who you really are
  • Find out what you are attached to and let go
  • Discover your misperceptions of reality
  • Clear and release your old beliefs
  • Wake up to your Divinity
  • Realize that you co-create your entire life
  • Become accountable and responsible
  • Discover your Self Mastery



  • Feel more alive
  • A sense of wakefulness
  • Clarity around and within your energy field
  • You will feel cleansed from within
  • More joy, happiness and the ability to really have fun
  • No more fear to fully embrace life
  • Realize you belong here, that you are wanted and needed
  • Help others to let go of the darkness that keeps them stuck in the Old Paradigm
  • See the world with more clarity and less attachment

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