Bringing your home life up to speed with your spiritual growth. 

Whether you have just received your first private session from an SA Practitioner or are on your 6th month of SA Training, you know that healing, transformation, and profound change happens fast around here. We move through deep layers of energy very quickly! Many of our students say that after their sessions, it is common for their things, possessions, and life-style choices to feel like they don’t fit anymore. We are outgrowing our attachments and negative mind-sets fast. To help with this transition into the divine being you are, and to bring your personal unraveling into a new very physical level, we created the SA House Clearing Training.

This program is designed to assist you in uplifting your environment and catching it back up your new frequency. Your home is capable of not only matching you, but helping you heal and let go of negative energies – even while you sleep!

Expand with Bonnie Serratore’s House Clearing tutorial, guide, and step-by-step resource to create a space that can support you through your spiritual journey.

  • Are you seeking to create a peaceful space that can truly support your growth?
  • Does your space feel heavy, sad, or uncomfortable?
  • Is chaos, busyness, or constant mess and overwhelm normal in your home life?
  • Is there fighting, yelling, or bickering in your family?
  • Does your home have maintenance problems? (Pipes leaking, electrical problems, mice, etc.)


  • Create an environment of peace! Minimize anxiety and stress.

  • Cultivate relationships in a space with less emotional charge.

  • Find room to breathe, relax, and rejuvenate.

  • Foster your own sanctuary – a home that can truly support your goals.

  • Build your spiritual practice into your physical, daily life!

There is more than meets the eye to do a really good house clearing. Energy gets stuck in the walls, basements, rafters, ceilings, pipes etc. Unfortunately, sage or smudging doesn’t actually clear the house – it only gets everything really smokey.

A true house clearing will empty out all the emotional energy from others as well as release spirits and send them home into the Light where they belong. Your home or space will feel it has more light, openness and opportunity. You will create your own sacred space.

7 Recorded Clearings

Cost: $350

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