Intuitive You

This class is recommended for those who wish to understand their intuitive gifts, psychic abilities, deepen their connection to Spirit and ability to move energy. Everyone has the capacity to sense energy. In this class we will assist you in recognizing your own unique way of sensing and moving energy.  We invite you to open yourself to the energetic world and Awaken The Psychic within.

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Awaken the Shaman

This is an introductory weekend course into awakening your intuitive ability. Awaken the Shaman is designed for the student who has the ability to sense energy, and is a recommended course to take before jumping into the 6-month Foundation Training. This class is taught by our Certified Accelerators.

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The Foundation Training

Start your journey with SA with The Foundation Certification Program, an online LIVE  training. Get the basics on the SA technique.  These students are interested in dramatically increasing their capacity to track subtle energy and have an interest in the mastery of all 6 segments of the SA curriculum.

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Apprenticeship Program

These students completed the 6-month foundation training and achieved certification. These students are now invited to incorporate the SA modality into practice. During the 6-month apprenticeship, you will work with Bonnie through leading clearings beginning to end. You will fine-tune your tracking and up level the skills you learned in the previous class. There is an emphasis on receiving clearings as a part of your training.
  • Completion of the Online Foundation Training

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Core Emotional Healing Intensive

In the Core Emotional Healing Training, you will spend 5 full days with Bonnie Serratore, working through emotional and relational trauma as well as learning how to facilitate this level of healing with your clients.
  • Completion of the Foundation Training

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House Clearing Training

Bringing your home life up to speed with your spiritual growth.
Expand with Bonnie Serratore’s House Clearing tutorial, guide, and step-by-step resource to create a space that can support you through your spiritual journey.

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Teacher Training

These students are solid in the SA material and have been practicing on the team for some time. They are personally invited by Bonnie Serratore to begin teaching the SA material and step into a leadership and teaching role in the community. Learn more about what is possible in this training…
  • Completion of all other training’s
  • Invitation only

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Know Thyself Program

Know Thyself is higher consciousness teachings that support those seeking to wake up and get liberated from their inner thoughts, beliefs, programming, conclusions, etc., that simply are not the truth of who we are. These unconscious programmings and conditionings are in some way torturing us daily.

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The SA Team

Students in the Spiritual Accelerator Master Training are highly experienced and trained SA Accelerators working at a master level. Due to their level of expertise, they are sought out to lead SA Pod Groups and to serve as mentors to Apprentices. They are listed on the website and receive clients. There are required team events, clearings, trainings, and meetings. There is a high level of commitment required.
  • Online Foundation Training Certification
  • Apprenticeship Certification
  • Completing a Certification clearing with Bonnie Serratore
  • Completing the Emotional Healing Intensive is highly recommend, but not essential

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