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This is the third intimacy exercise. I love this one because we all have a tendency to lean out of our selves without realizing it. Many people are so accustomed to outside stimuli that it is difficult to stay inside. We don’t realize that when we energetically lean out, we get uncomfortable. We lose touch with our self and are actually abandoning our self. When we do this, we look to other to fulfill us yet no one outside can do so.

Sit across from one another and close your eyes. Bring your awareness into your physical body and find your center. You can find your center by placing your fingers on your heart and take your awareness to where your fingers are touching. Once your awareness is at your heart center, take a few moments to feel what that feels like. Once you are comfortable with feeling your center, open your eyes and look at your partner. You will then take turns being the giver and receiver of energy. Decide who goes first.

Find something that you physically like about your partner. While staying aware of your center begin to express what it is you find attractive then really let your self feel that attraction. Make it about your partner and let yourself gush out.

While this is taking place, the partner who is the recipient also stays present while feeling what it is like to have their partner gushing all over them.

Stop and bring your awareness back into your center.

Then once again look at what you physically like about your partner and this time stay very present and aware of your self. Feel what it is like to enjoy their physical appearance yet stay inside while doing so.

At first it may feel a little boring to stay within because we are accustomed to gushing out of ourselves and looking outside for stimulation.

Once you have practiced both ways of being with your partner, share what is was like to come out of your self and what it was like to stay present.

Your partner will share what it was like for them when you gushed your energy all over them and what it was like when you stayed inside with yourself.  Be sure to tell the truth and expose everything.

These are exercises for intimacy. This has nothing to do with sex but it will enhance the sexual experience when we are connected and feeling our self.

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