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Eye Gazing Exercise

This intimate exercise can really bring up a lot of feelings. While sitting in a comfortable position, look into each other’s eyes and relax the body. Notice when you start to tense up then make the choice to continue to relax. Notice any mind thoughts, feelings or desire that takes you away from just looking at one another.

Allow any emotions that arise to flow. Do not stop the sensations or emotions. They eyes are the window to the Soul and when we unconsciously feel and believe that who we are is not enough or that we are unloveable we will get uncomfortable looking into each others eyes and being seen.

Maintain eye contact without looking away and just notice what your mind does, the thoughts you have and the many ways you distract yourself from the present moment.

Talk openly about what you are experiencing as it happens. This too, is an act of intimacy and a way to be more open. When we share more deeply who we are by exposing our thoughts, feelings and fears, we open our hearts to one another, which brings us closer.

Start with five minutes at a time and work your way up to twenty minutes or even a half an hour.

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